Written by TG

14 Nov 2016

Last Saturday night I was out on the town with my friend and his wife, it was her 30th birthday and after hitting late bars and clubs we went back to theirs to finish the night. As usual the talk turned sexual, telling old tales of past conquests and just trying to outdo each other. Aoife revealed that once on holiday they had messed around with another couple, this didn't surprise me as she is very forward and up for a laugh. Next thing I noticed was that Joe had fallen asleep in his chair, Aoife tried to wake him up but he was gone. Suddenly she came over and straddled me on the couch, her short skirt rode up and I could see her panties, her pussy lips were visible through the thin material which was also damp. She started to rub my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me, I said no as I value my friends, but she said "it's okay, he doesn't mind as long as I'm happy, and right now I'm not happy, I need to be fucked after all the horny talk ". I kissed her and she moved up on me, sitting on my crotch, I couldn't help but get hard as her pussy was so close to my cock. She realised I was hard and ground her pussy onto my cock, she then pulled off her top exposing her big tits to me, I sucked and played with them as she continued to kiss me. She then slid down and looked at me with a wicked grin on her face, she pulled off my trousers and jocks and my cock sprang free. She kept eye contact with me as she took it in her mouth, she played with my balls as she gave me an amazing blow job. She then straddled me again and slid down onto my cock, she is a very petite little blonde and her bald pussy was so tight. As she started to ride me she started to get vocal, and next thing Joe woke up, she continued to ride me as he got up rubbing his eyes, but amazingly all he said was "I'm heading off to bed "!!.

I knew then it was okay so I decided to make the best of it, I put her on her back and eagerly ate her pussy, it looked so good I just had to have it. I then got between her legs and started to fuck her good and hard, she is an amazing ride, with the amount of alcohol I could go for hours. She came multiple times and was screaming the house down, I got her on the floor and we done a 69 and various positions. Finally I wanted to come and love coming doggy style, so I got her on all fours and started to fuck her, while doing her I told her she had a lovely arse. " do you want to fuck it?" she asked. Well I wasn't letting this chance go, and after a little ky we managed to get me inside her, man it was tight and what a sight it was. I was close to coming and asked her where she wanted it, "I want you to come inside my pussy, I love to feel it hot inside me and then drip out ".

So I entered her pussy again and fucked her hard before coming inside her, she was amazing and I'm so lucky to have had her. We chatted for a while, I thanked her, kissed her goodbye and went home a happy camper.