Written by JoeMac

3 Oct 2016

A strange but wonderful thing happened at the weekend. I was out drinking with my friend Michael and as usual his wife joined us later on in the night. This is a regular thing, and even though she is a good looking woman I never thought of her sexually as she is my friends wife. They asked me back to their place for a few late ones, and as we got more drunk they finally told me of their wishes. They explained that they had a fantasy of some other man servicing Teresa while hubby watched. They asked if I would do it and after the shock of it sank in I agreed, wondering if they would actually see it through. Michael started by kissing Teresa and he stripped her naked, I stripped off and Michael presented Teresa to me and just said enjoy. I laid her out on the bed and started to eat her pussy, it was nicely trimmed and very wet. He just sat on a chair, he had his cock out stroking it, and they were exchanging glances as I devoured his wife's cunt. Michael then said "T, I want to see you suck his cock". She got on her knees and gave me an excellent bj, she really can suck cock. He was encouraging her "that's it T, suck it, she loves it ". She broke off and kissed me deeply, she was ready and wanted it. She laid on the bed and spread her legs wide, her wet cunt was all wet and puffy, waiting to be ravaged. I so wanted to fuck it, but I asked "are you both sure you want to do it?". T looked at her husband, " yeah Joe, fuck her, she's ready, tell him you want it ". T just said "fuck me Joe, he's always wanted to see his wife fucked". I climbed on top of Teresa and Michael was pumping his cock as he watched me shove my cock into his wife. She was very loud, shouting at him "Michael, he's fucking my cunt, do you like to see him fucking me?". He was encouraging us "go on T, take it, fuck her hard Joe ", and I did. I put her on all fours and really gave her a hard fucking, making her big tits swing wildly under her. I was getting close so I put her on her back again, I wanted to see her eyes as I filled her cunt with my cum. Michael watched as I filled her cunt, as I pumped my last drop into her he shot his load on her tits. It was quite an experience, really strange being watched by a man while you fuck his wife, but so exciting at the same time.