Written by tubby

11 May 2010

They both sat at the bottom of my bed wearing the t-shirts i had given them.... i could see their bare legs but tried not to make it too obvious that i was staring... i caught a glimpse of Ann's purple panties and i could feel my self getting very hard.... the girls starting giggling again and whispering into each others ears they crawled towards me... Niamh (my mates sis) pulled back the duvet cover and they both stared at the bulge in my boxers.. 'what have you been thinking about' they purred.... i now had a girl either side of me and they started nibbling my ears and kissing my neck... i was literally ready to burst at this stage when they both looked at each other... ann reached down and started fondling my balls and niamh started kissing my chest and biting my nipples.. the pain of the bite and the pleasure of the hand on my balls made me gasp and the 2 girls started laughing... by now they had my boxers off and my cock was well and truely standing to attention... 'nice' whispered Ann into my ear, 'just the right size for sucking' and she made her way down to do just that... niamh had taken off the t-shirt at this stage and her small firm breasts were now being pushed into my face... i sucked and kissed her rock hard pink nipples... and my hand wandered down to her pussy...she pushed my hand away and said 'not yet' and she made her way down to my cock.. Ann looked up at me and then looked at Niamh..'lets make him cum'... both girls attacked my cock and balls pulling and kissing and sucking until i knew i was going to cum.. i told them i was cumming and they pulled harder and faster and i exploded trembling and gasping... the girls giggled and laughed as they rubbed my hot cum over my stomach and chest.... our turn next they said...........