Written by tubby

10 May 2010

'sure give me a ring anytime youre stuck for a lift home so'......... it was just a throwaway offer, who knew it would lead to such a night.

I had moved into my new house which happened to be near a popular nightclub out the country. my offer of a lift home was to the younger sister of my mate Ken. she was 19-20 and just starting college. she wasn't a stunner but was always very friendly. anyways i was in bed on a sat night at about 2am when i got a text, saying that her and a friend were in town and were stuck for a lift home and would i mind collecting them. I was a bit grumpy at been woken so i said id collect them and drop them home in the morning.

so i picked up the 2 girls and brought them back to the house. they were all giggles and whispering to each other and my mood turned from grumpy to slightly horny. i showed them to their room and they asked to borrow 2 t-shirts to wear for the night. i got the t-shirts and bid them goodnight. My bedroom is just next to the spare room and i could hear loads more giggling and whispering. then my phone went again... 'my friend thinks your cute' ... my heart skipped a beat.. were they taking the piss outta me? i replied 'thanks, i think the 2 of ye are looking very good tonight'... more giggling... ' ann (the friend) wants to know if you'd like some company' .... i was shaking at this stage... i text back... 'that sounds good, but wont you be lonely left on your own?' ..... more giggles and what seems like an age before the next text..' i wont be lonely ill be with ye too'......... next thing i see is 2 giggling girls getting into bed beside me..........(to be continued)