Written by TKMax

6 Jul 2016

I normally put up stories of what my wife Sara and I get up to, and it led directly to this one. I was contacted by a young guy telling me how much he enjoyed the stories, this is not unusual, but "Ken " was very nice and kept in touch, telling me how lucky I was to have a woman like that. I invited him to join us and after a while he agreed but said his thing was more just wanting to see a couple have sex in front of him, he wasn't sure how far he could go. We said we'd meet up and see what happens.

We met up and had a few drinks, got along really well as he's a genuine guy and just looking for new things to experience, like we all do at the start. We retired to the hotel room, he was nervous and was unsure, but we said no problem but he was welcome to wait. I started to kiss Sara, I unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her tits to him, I sucked on her nipples and could see his cock harden in his trousers. I lay her on the bed, pulling off her skirt and panties leaving her bald wet pussy in full view of Ken. He started to rub his cock as I undressed and started to eat her delicious wet pussy. I normally love watching Sara getting fucked, but this was a great new experience, putting on a show for someone else to fulfill their own fantasy. I knelt beside Sara putting my cock in her mouth as I played with her pussy, opening it up for Ken to watch. I then put her on all fours and put my cock in her pussy, started fucking her hard. I was so turned on and by now Ken had his trousers round his ankles and was pumping his hard cock. I put Sara on her back and mounted her again, I made eye contact with Ken and fucked her hard until I exploded deep in her pussy. I got off Sara and invited Ken to fuck her, he was a little shy but rock hard and obviously bursting to cum. Sara got up and grabbed his cock, sucked it and guided it to her pussy as she lay back on the bed. Ken pumped her and sucked her tits before asking if he could come over her tits, Sara loves this so Ken pulled out before wanking his load on her tits.

I'm glad we helped Ken have an experience to remember, and as the saying goes if you don't ask you don't get.