Written by Anonymous

4 Dec 2018

We aranged to meet this couple down at

A.well known dogging spot ..mandy if i recall..blond about 45 big tits and her boyfriend or fuck bubby about 15 years younger than her. We all took abit of a walk around the picnic area talking aload of balls and then went back to my carliz got in the back and mandy got in beside her and they bother left there doors open. Mandy coxed me over to her with a smile while liz just opened her legs and exposed her wet cunt for paul to see. Liz lay back and paul kneeled down in front off her and started sucking her cunt. In the mean time mandy had open her blouse and front fasening bra and showed me her tits. Opening her mouth, first she took only my golf ball size nob into her mouth and started sucking , then she started bobbing up an down. The spunk was exploding in seconds, all over her face and mouth..mean while paul had started fucking liz and as he started to cum he with drew and pumped his load all over liz,s shaven cunt. Paul and myself stood back to admire our handy work...The re we where 9.00 o clock on a bright summer,s evening two spent emptied cocks and two spunk filled ladies laying on the back seat off my car. Mandy made a quick move and was on top of liz in a 69 possion lapping away at the spunk paul had deposited over liz,s cunt. I then went round the car and started to lick and help clean the mess that both us men had made over the girls two sets of lips..while paul took up my previous posesion and started fucking mandy,s cunt with his now growing cock. 30 seconds later he with drew from mandy and shot his load over liz,s face..Exhusted he bent down and licked his jis of liz,s face..We all had a bit of a breather and exchanged phone numbers. Later while liz and i where talking about what happened. We never once looked around to see if anyone was watching, but who cares..another true story..just glamorised abit for effect