Written by Bedtimebaby

24 Sep 2011

“Fook me hun “ ……….. Please ……

The night was getting longer …frustration is building to levels I knew id have to deal with sometime soon ..

Mind running overtime and body heating up at the every idea off having you in my bed again …Time has seemed to pass so slow since we last meet ..yet I know when I see you it will be like you never left ..We will start where we left off …taken the time to extract pleasure slowly and deliberately torment each other with touch , smell , taste and words until we are spent and just need the quiet time in each other arm before we both know we will start all over again for enough is never enough for us ….

My senses are alive to every single detail off our last meet …. lips against my neck, your warm breath causing my skin to tingle, the soft deep moans as you respond to my touch, your hands very slowly and sensually caressing my skin, your broad shoulders beneath my arms as I pull you tightly to me, your hard, nicely shaped and firm chest pressed to my breasts , my skin burning beneath your touch and the longing for more building with to fever pitch with in .Still kissing my neck I feel your hand rest on my hip. Its warm, large, and strong. As you slide it slowly…painfully slowly…down my hip and to my thigh. I can feel goose bumps form as my skin even reacts to your touch. Slowly you slide it up under my nighty….up along my side…gently caressing my skin. I can feel my nipple hardening as your hand gets closer to my breast.. My nipple stand hard a erect waiting for your touch and then as you rub your thumb over one then the other is electrifying my body shivers beneath your touch …

Slowly you pull my nighty lower to expose me lips and tongue tasting my shoulder Teasing me incessantly , deliberately tormenting me . . Not being able to stand it I find my hands in your hair pulling your head to my breast ,,tilting back to give you more access as a small soft gasps come from my throat. I whisper “please”…and then you takes my nipple in….fully suckling it and sending chills all the way down to my clit. Mmmmmmmmm, I moan deeply. Sucking softly at first tongue flicking over a sanative bud ..then a little harder lips tight and hot on a breast that begs for more as your hands mould and push put to give more pleasure …teeth nibbling …pain where pleasure meet … wanting you to stop yet needing you give me more and more ….finger tug at other breast until you have me squirming from your touch as you switch from one to the other in a never ending skilled torment that leaves me wonder how there could be more ..the intense feeling travel to a hot hard throbbing clit that begs to be touched

“Please hun “ I beg softly as I pull you up for a kiss that leaves you in no elusions as to what I need …want … plead for ,,,yet no words are need not with us …. pulling me almost painfully to you and with a deep, wet, hard kisses that make my head spin and my clit throb so bad i moan your name with a feverish need. With no hesitation your hand slides down my stomach and into my panties. In one swift movement your fingers finds me…parts me….and slips deep inside. I can’t help but moan…..deeply…loudly. As you slide three fingers in and out deep and fast just a few times and then stops. My hips still responding and grinding against you …As you raise your self slightly to watch me ..I cant stop ..my body need release …my pussy tightens on fingers that refuse to move yet I cant stop ….. I cant …clenching and releasing ….deep with in …hip thrusting hard and fast as you watch in awe yet the pleasure on your face drives me on and on ..pussy juices flowing over your fingers as I get closer and closer to the edge and as if you know I am just about to be driven off it you fingers start a slow rhythm within me …pushing me higher and higher until my pussy clenches so tight all you can do is twitch your fingers within and the sensation is so overwhelming I have to let go with a force my body shakes from head to toe and I call your name out with an insensately you have never heard before before I collapse beside you and you pull me close stroking my hair and letting me come down a little ….

As if in a trance I find my hands roaming your body …face . Neck . Shoulder down over a heat beat that is strong and fast and lower still tracing my fingers over a body that turns me on and makes me wants more and more as I slip my hand lower still to find what I want … and find it I do ,,,hard ,, hot ..proud …standing erect as I side a finger up and down …. With the slightest touch you jert at my touch …god I want you …put not yet …I want more ….

I use my lips to gently caress you .All the way from the base to the tip. Warm, hot, wet lips suckling….teasing. Licking the head and twirling my tongue around it. Your hips thrusting gently. Your breathing is fast and deep. Slowly, I take you. I slide you in and suck you all the way to my throat.

Your head falls back and you moans…deep and hard. I gently grasp you at the base as I suck you in and out….deep…and to the tip. Dipping into your eye to taste forbidden fruit ….My tongue dancing against your cock…feeling it throb and pulsate with pleasure sucking harder and deeper . Now your hands are in my hair and you is gently rocking, in and out. Controlling the pace yet letting me have my way too

Then I gently take your balls in my hand …lifting them…and slide my finger below them to your ass.

You moan…..and in small gasps you say….”no, stop, I don’t want to cum….not yet” .I take you deep….hold you there…and simply caress your cock with my tongue. Mmmmm…tasting your pre-cum shows me you is ready. . Yes you are ready …Slowly I suck and slip you out at the same time then I look up at you as I slide my body up yours my body rubbing your hard cock on the way stopping to enclose you between my beast as I move so deliberately you jert beneath be ….and as I watch your face you hips thrust up and down sliding you cock up and down again and again …I dip my head and flick my tongue over you tip tasting you with each thrust … and as you moan deep I release you and slide further up and kiss you softly and as I do in one swift movement I take you cock into my hot throbbing pussy and clench hard as my hip thrust hard ….deep …fast …2. My pussy sucking you deep …sliding you in and out …then slowing in sliding you all the way in and as I clench I deliberately slide you out feeling a hard cock pushing on that spot with in me that drives me bad … My thighs tighten around you as you pull me down to you kissing me deeply before you slide you hands down my back to my hips and pull me hard down on you as you whiser in my ear “ Fook me Hun . . . .Fook me now “ ……….

That’s all it took….. I respond …...I slide you in deep, hard, and fast. The pumping rhythm increased as I fuck you deeper and deeper. Building to a giant orgasm as I can feel the rigidness of your cock begin to bend from intense pleasure. Both our bodies tightened we cling tightly to each other as we both thrust….again…again. ….harder ,,,,faster ,,,,deeper …over and over again …..

The closer you got to cumming the louder your moans …. making me tighter as your hands still pull me up and down on you , the harder and faster we thrust cock pounding pussy …pussy sucking cock …. Clit throbbing and balls slapping in time ….. We cant stop now as the closer we get to orgasm. The harder and faster and more intense the rhythmic grinding gets ,,,You tensed beneath me ….moaned….and as i feel you explode inside me. My senses are so full of you that my clit quivered, my pussy tightened, clenches

Wraps around you , as my pussy pull your hot juices into me as I climaxed with you.

Mmmmm…..my entire body shakes with pleasure as your moan filled the room. You are mine now …for now ….

No words needed…just sweet kisses and caresses as we drifted onto a cloud of complete and total satisfied

comfort. We are contented for now and relax into the night knowing each other is satisfied for now and later we will look for more and more and more for limits are there to surpass not to be waited at …….

Soon there will be more …for now we will rest … just for now …..