Written by RV

5 Nov 2016

I've been sharing my girlfriend Sandra with other guys for a good while now. We've had many hotel meets, swinging holidays , you name it. With time it was too much work to to organise a threesome , or fuck party .forum ads, hotels rooms and the annoyance of having guys or couples not turning up was getting to us. We've spend hours in bars waiting for no shows and spend thousands on rooms and drinks just to fuck like we would have at home.

We recently decided that well go off on our own the old fashioned way and just bring people home to our place. So we did up the guest room and we pretended to be flat mates when ever we went out.

We usually start the evening like a couple with a nice meal or a film and we'd go to a bar and keep our distance. Sandra would always dress super sexy , she is 5ft10 brunette slim long legs and nice 36C size 10 body. Her usual outfit is a short dress with plenty on show or a skirt and top that showed off her beautiful figure. The plan is that who ever scored first uses the guest room and the other takes a step back.

Recently we were talking at the bar when a group of people walked in and stood at the table near us. It was early only around 930 a few of the guys were checking her out through the night and we made sure that they knew we were 'not a couple' we were playing on our phones , buying rounds, and talking to the people around us and pretending that we were waiting for more of our friends to arrive.

A while later I left the pub leaving Sandra at the bar on her own for about 20 minutes.

She was not alone for long one of the guys had come over and chatted her up , she made sure to mention that I was her flat mate and not her boyfriend , she had then joined the table for a few drinks. She texted me to say that she's sorted so I went out to meet a few friends for a round.

Sandra then did what she does best and ended up taking the fellow home back to our place around midnight. We were only a short taxi drive away. She sent me text from the apartment with a photo of herself in her bra and thong saying "about to start"

I finished my drink and got home. They were in the guest room, I could see the light was on and could hear the bed creaking. I sat on the couch opened a beer and listed to her getting fucked. She gave a great sound performance evertime she orgasmed. A bit later the door opened and she came out saying hi ,sorry I did t know you were home , she walked to the fridge ,got two beers and went back to the room to get fucked again. I then went to our room and listed to tbe action.

I heard the guy leaving around 3am and walked in to find her laying in bed with her legs spread open for me to fuck her. She was soaking wet. It was a great night.

She now has his number and all she has to do is build a relationship with him to make him a regular visitor at our place.