Written by jumpstart

14 May 2012

I recently had my first bi experience which had been something that i wanted to try for a long time, (but with a couple).

well this happened just a few short weeks ago. I got a message asking would i like to come to their place, of course i jumped at the chance, they were drinking at home so headed to the off licence to pick a small few supplies as well as a bottle of wine for the couple. back into the car then and headed to the garage for petrol.

well to make things short- 40 just minutes later i arrived at the couples home,where was welcomed in by the male of the couple first where he introduced his partner who was already standing to greet me with a smile and dressed in lingerie. (which i couldn't take my eyes off) we all sat on the sofa and chatted for a little while just to get comfortable and get to know a little bit about each other just to break the ice.

It wasn't long before the male (i will just call him Micheal later) started kissing (lets just say Tina) Tina, she then turned to me and started kissing her also, then kissing her neck and then to her beautiful tits which i couldn't wait to get my hands on when i first saw them. wile i had been doing this michael was fingering her and licking her. the three of us then stood up and i started kissing michael while Tina started playing with us both together. I suggested that we head to the bedroom, where I gave my first blowjob with a 69 as tina looked on with excitement. Tina was then feeling a bit left out so while she sat on michael's face i continued to give him oral. I too wanted to taste Tina so we swapped positions and carried on all night with different positions as well as chatting. It was the best sex experience i have had, and Im always looking for more of the same.

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