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First time with handyman

"Wife fucked while husband away"

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Author's Notes

"Names have been omitted from this to protect the people involved but this was the start of a 2 year on and off fling with many more encounters."

She took a quick drink of Jack and coke and replied to her husbands text, "you wouldn't want me to ", secretly looking for validation and also making sure he wouldn't use this against her. The reply came back immediately "you know I want this!", feeling the warmth in her nickers she phoned her husband and asked what to do next, "go upstairs and just ask him" he said, so she climbed the stairs her breath heavy with the exertion and the excitement, the handyman was listening to music while he painted and she couldn't get his attention verbally so she tapped him on the shoulder, he jumped and pulled his headphones out, she had the phone to her ear and straight up asked him if he wanted to fuck her.  He was shocked and when she handed him the phone his head was totally blown as her husband told him what he wanted to happen.

After 5 minutes of the most surreal conversation his attention was drawn to the wife stood on the landing in high heels and wearing red matching bra and knickers, she was 5ft2 and a size 12 with 36DD milky breasts and he felt himself getting harder so hung up the phone.  As he handed the phone back to her he pulled her hard against him letting her feel his erection against her, he kissed her hard and passionately and started exploring her ample breasts, soon they moved to the bedroom where he sat her back onto the bed and pulling her knickers to one side began licking at her, savouring her musk and enjoying her moans.  She could wait no more and wanted to feel him in her so asked him to put his cock in her, he stripped revealing his mass of tattoos and when he undid his trousers his cock sprung to attention. 

Laying between her legs he guided himself into her and began fucking her like she wanted, hard and deep.  She now felt herself wanting to make the most of this so pushed him until he rolled onto his back, she then guided him into her before grinding hard down onto him practically using him as a human dildo as she rode him.  This was her favourite position and with the excitement of having another man felt her orgasm rising until like a bolt it coursed through her making her squirt her juices in a long flow soaking his groin, he saw this and began pounding himself into her making her orgasm more powerful and a lot more messy, she eventually collapsed on top of him panting hard while he tried to keep up fucking her.  She asked him to let her come down from it and he let her roll onto her side next to him and moved her hand to his cock that she began stroking.  They kissed and he looked into her eyes and told her he was going to fuck her from behind now, she moved onto her front and opened herself up to him, she had been satisfied and now wanted him to cum.

He entered her and began sliding deeper into her and built up his pace, again her moans started and he could feel himself getting harder as his lust built, he pushed his thumb against her tight arse and began slipping it in and she didnt complain, in fact her moans got more intense.  He decided to try his luck and pulled out of her before lining up and with a firm but careful pressure began entering her forbidden hole, easing himself into her so she could get used to him before with gentle movements he began working himself up to what he knew was going to be an intense orgasm.  She beat him to it and from nowhere felt the warm gush against his balls as she groaned with an animalistic low groan, this proved to much and he pulled out as his cock twitched sending a stream of his cum up her back to between her shoulder blades and over her back.

He asked if she had a towel and went to the shower leaving her collapsed on her front totally satisfied, when he was cleaned he walked back into the room as she told her husband what had happened over the phone, answering his many questions.  His mind wasnt in the right place for painting now and interrupted the call by saying he will be back to finish the job ib the morning. 

Her husband returned from England from work the next day and at first she expected things to have changed between them, but when he kissed her more passionately than he had in a while she knew he was OK with things.

Written by ijamesm

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