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First time having a fmf

Our first experience with a lady


10 minute read

So we have had our first bit of fun as I have written about before. I hadn't thought I would enjoy that as much as I did and I was actually quite surprised by how l turned on I had been watching L with someone. But now for what I had wanted all along. To have find a woman to meet us both.  So I started looking online again for a lady. It took a lot longer than finding a guy. But after many chat sessions I eventually found a lady that wanted to try meeting a couple too. We exchanged texts and a few pics and set a date. We were to meet on the coming Thursday night in the hotel in the city centre near the Harbourmaster Pub. We would first meet for a beer/wine at the Harbourmaster and from there we would head back to the room for some frolics and fun.  So Thursday came and L got herself ready. She admitted she was extremely nervous and was unsure whether she was bi. But she got herself all waxed in the right places and picked out a nice set of underwear. She wore a red top and some figure hugging jeans and high heels. She looked amazing. So off we headed, locked the door to the house and took the bus into the city. When we got there we were about 30 minutes early so we had a drink in a different pub near where we were to meet. L had a double vodka due to her nerves. And man did she drink that quick! It was down the hatch and another one ordered before my pint had settled! So after a few drinks there we decided to head to the pub across the way and wait for our guest. L had around 4 doubles at this stage and it was starting to get to her. She was wobbly and giddy! She was getting some attention from others around us as we walked due to how sexy she looked and it breathed confidence into her. When we got to the Harbourmaster I ordered another pint and L ordered a cocktail. We then sat sheepishly in the corner waiting on our friend to arrive. L started to rub my leg and she had that glint in her eye. I knew she was horny. If she doesnt show we will pick someone else up she whispered to me. I knew she meant a guy but honestly I didnt care. I just knew tonight was going to be fun. So 25 minutes after we were due to meet we get a text message from our soon to be friend. She was outside. She asked L to come out to meet her. So L gets up and walks outside. I can see out the window L talking to a girl, smaller than her about the same build. They both walk in together holding hands and L leads her over to where we were sitting. I stand up and greet her and lean in to kiss her on the cheek. As I am I can feel her hand cop a feel of my manhood, which even at this early stage has woken up! I offer to get a drink and she opts for a cocktail just like L. So after a few rounds of cocktails and chatting P stands up to get a round. She opens her handbag and there is theis huge double ended dildo stciking up. L stares at it as P quickly shoves it back into her bag and makes her way to the bar. L turns to me and says did you see that. I did I reply. Oh wow L said, this is going to be fun! I smile and my erection grows! I look up at the bar where P is now standing, short skirt, yellow crop top. She looks great. She has a huge tattoo on her back and stockings to her knee’s. She looks like she is game for anything and the best part is I know she is! She has purple dyed hair and great looking boobs. When she arrives back with the drinks she says how about we make this the last one and head to your room for a drink. To be honest I think I inhaled the pint!! I was finished and ready to go before the girls had a chance of having one drink of the cocktails. P jokes she hopes I am not as quick in the room! L assures her I aint and I will be well fit for both of them. After the girls have had a few drinks of their cocktails we all head to the hotel. The girls head up to the room while I go to the bar and get a bottle of red wine and a pint. I take the tray up and knock on the door. After a long enough wait the door opens a tiny but, just enough for me to see L’s head, she opens it and as I walk in P walks from the bathroom nakes except for the stockings! She had great legs, and a fantastic bum. Really toned. Wow I say! Then I look at L. She has her panties on and thats it! You guys started I smile as I lay the drinks down. Just some kissing and rubbing laughs P. I was hardly that long was I, I ask. L smiles, well we were half naked by the time we got to the door she laughs. “Wait what?” I say! Well we both had our tops basically off feeling each other in the lift and we had them fully open and were kissing on the way to the room. So just bras on top by the time we got here! She then took P’s hand and lay down beside her on the bed. P had amazing pert tits. 34C I would say. Small nipples and dark surrounding to them. She lay down and L started kissing her, I could see L’s hand starting rubbing at P’s pussy. It was bald, just like L’s. P’s pussy had not got flaps like L’s though. Her pussy was just like a line, an inviting line. She looked so tight. I was half stunned by all I could see! I started to undress, took off my trainers and shirt. I undid my belt and removed my jeans just standing there in my boxers with the biggest erection I had ever had. At that P motioned towards me to move towards her, I walked over and she pulled down my boxers and immediately took my cock in her mouth. What a feeling. As I looked at L licking P’s pussy with her hands up feeling her titis I could feel P’s tongue wrap around my cock. I reached down and started touching her pert tits. They were so firm. The sounds of L licking her and P sucking me was like a sweet melody. I took the top of P’s head and started to fuck her mouth. It was amazing. L then came up and started to make her way up P’s body kissing her. P stopped sucking me and moved towards L. Their tongues locked and what a sight that was. They were all over each other and I was just standing there, cock fully hard watching. P then pushed L down and started to move towards her pussy. I could hear L moan and P started to kis the inside of her legs. I moved towards L and she started to suck me off. Then she stopped, look me straight in the eyes and said, “Stick your cock into her babe like I know you want to, fill her pussy, I have left it good and wet for you”. I looked and P had her ass up as she licked L. I moved off that part of the bed and down towards P. I grabbed hold of her hips and started to work my cock towards her. I asked if she was ok with me entering her. She stopped licking L for a second, looked at me and said “yes, you guys are clean right?”. Tested and clean I assured her. I then started to push my cock towards her and entered her. Damn she felt good, wet and tight. I grabbed her hips and started pumping. I could hear her moan as she licked L. It wasnt long until I felt my balls starting to tense. Can I blow in you, I shouted. Fuck yes dont stop was the reply. At that I emptied my balls deep inside her pussy. Only then I looked up and saw L. She looked shocked. We had talked about me doing another woman but never about where I’d cum. I was unsure how L felt. Suddenly she leapt up and buried her head between P’s legs. I want to lick his juice out of you L said to P. I was in awe. Here I was looking at my partner licking my cum from another womans pussy. P looked at me and said, “well do you want me to clean that for you?”. I looked down at my cock, still semi erect but covered in my cum and her juice. I didnt speak I just walked towards her and she went straight at my cock and started licking it. Honestly even to my surprise it got me hard again. L looked up from P’s pussy, she had some of my cum on her lips and I could see P’s juice all over her chin. She moved up and they started to kiss. P was licking her juice from L’s chin and they had their tongues lofcked. All I could think of was the fact my cum was now all over both their mouths. I was now back fully erect just moment after emptying my balls deep inside P. L looked at me and bent over telling me to get my cock inside her. I didnt need a second invite, I stood behind her and rammed my hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. I pounded for what seemed an age as they kissed and then L started to lick P out again. P then jumped up and as I was fucking L hard grabbed the large doubole ended dildo from her bag. The sight of this was just what I needed. I could feel the cum starting to build again and this time I emptied into L’s pussy. Thats better L said. I was a little jealous you gave her all that juice. I stepped back limp and done. P jumped straight between L’s legs and started to mop up what I had just left in there. Eventually she came up and they kissed and started stroking each other. I just sat in the chair beside the bed and watched. What an amazing sight. My partner and P just kissing and touching each other. Over the next hour or so they kissed and played and treated each other to orgasims with the large dildo. At various times I got hard and pounded one or both of them again. I was unable to blow a third time though. About 1 in the morning we all were exhausted and we all lay in the bed and started to drift off to sleep. The idea had been the girl would leave after we had our fun but we all seemed comfortable enough to spend the night sleeping together. It was L that had wanted to ensure the girl we met left after we had played and that we just had the night together but now she seemed content that P stayed. They were cuddling and kissing. My partner in the middle and our new friend the far side of her, still in her stocking. As I lay there I wondered was I dreaming! What a night it had been! What would we get up to the next morning I wondered. Also, did L enjoy it, would she do it again. Like she looked like she enjoyed it but was she just putting that on for me. I’d need to wait till we were alone to find out for sure! But I was sure hopeful that she wasnt that good of an actress!!

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