Written by Anonymous

22 Apr 2009

Every time we fucked our fantasies became hornier and naughtier...knowing exactly which buttons to press for each others build up.

He'd always start by running his tongue along my gaping quim, lapping at the thick sweet juices gushing out all over his tongue, saying, "you'd love this, wouldn't you?" To which my cunt would respond with a shot of precum for his lips. "You'd love to have your tongue buried in pussy, wouldn't you, licking clit and sucking on some hot sticky cunt juice"

He knew the idea of eating another girl out made my lips throb with pleasure. He continued licking and lapping at my pussy, filling my mind with more and more outrageous suggestions about how many girls we could fuck between us and in which positions we'd make them contort. And when I'd have my mouth wrapped around his cock, gagging as I swallowed every inch, he'd switch to tales of how many cocks I could take at once. He's great at coming up with novel ways for men to fuck me...my cunt, my ass, two or three for my mouth, queues forming to spunk on my face... He knows how to make me lose it! ......................................But up until recently it was all talk, just a way of pushing each others limits, knowing instinctively that neither of us seem to have any. So three weeks ago when we were out in a club and a deliciously sexy girl started dancing with her boyfriend next to where we were standing, I went up behind her and traced my hand along the curve of her fabulous ass. I actually wanted to go straight up to her and spank her, but seeing as how it was my first time, I decided to take the softly softly approach... I was so fucking turned on when she responded by grinding her body up against mine before placing her mouth against mine. I was wet in an instant..our tongues lingered on each other and we pushed closer so that our bodies were tightly wrapped against each other. I wanted to drop to my knees and taste her right there, I've never been so attracted to a girl before, she was perfect, round ass, tiny waist and beautiful pert tits. I felt totally animal around her. I spanked her ass right there on the edge of the dancefloor and she responded by putting her hand up my top to squeeze my nipple. Our boyfriends were standing there looking at each other, not quite sure how to react. Once he'd had a moment to take in what was happening, my man suggested a house party to which all of us agreed immediately. We got our coats and jumped in the first taxi back to our place. In the taxi, we couldn't keep our hands off each other and I got my first taste of pussy when I took my fingers out of her silk panties and licked them dry. Our men were gagging for us at this stage and we both knew we were going to put on one hell of a show for them. We were no sooner in the house, with a glass of wine in our hands when I suggested giving her a tour of the house. As soon as I got her onto the landing I asked her to take her panties off and she said she would only do that if she got to lick me out first. I smiled and agreed to her request and watched as this stunning creature dropped her wet knickers to the ground and placed a finger on her clit and fed the juices to me. We agreed to call our men upstairs and allow them to watch us fuck..but only after we'd really investigated each others bodies properly..... to be continued....