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7 Oct 2008

To say you never forget a first for anyhting is perhaps one of lifes great truths if there is such a thing?

I met Karen when we were both 18, she was a gem of a girl, I was a newbie in a town I knew very little about, other than it was a hell of a way from home.

Karen sat beside me on our first day in class, she poked fun at my country accent, telling me to drop the broad H and replace it with a posh ecccccccch..

I none to politely told her to shut the feck up and have manners, to which she fell around laughing and informed me that I was invited to her family home that night for dinner, I did and met her parents and her boyfriend, a guy so feckin cool he was uncool..lol...

So began a friendship based on fun and some chemical intervention!

One night after a hunt for the demon magic mushrooms...yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..and a few bottles of cheap wine, we went back to his place, the craic was mighty, a lot of banter and teasing..

David turned to me and said "I dare you to kiss Karen" well throw a country woman a dare..I did and my god the floodgates opened!!

Kissing another girl was amazing, perhaps it is the fact that it was the first time, Karen was beautiful, we were pissed , possibly all of it, and it was downright horny! it all seemed to come naturaly..

David didn't speak, just sat watching, Karen lay back and I began to clumsily at first push her top up, she began moaning and when i kissed her nipples she started to twitch, and when i nibbled , omg she became very vocal..

David started to remove her jeans while I worked on her upper half, I could see his cock beginning to stiffen, so I worked all the harder, he slipped her jeans down and lo and behold she was commando...

He didn't need to tell me what to do next, Karens body was doing that for me, I went down on her, god it was unbelievable, her clit was rock hard, running my tounge up and down was such a damn pleasure, David was leaning over her and he began to kiss her, seeing this i increased the pressure on her pussy, the smell was intoxicating, and the taste of her as she became moist was out of this world..

At 18 in the early 80's i don't think anyone has a clue about g spots where to look for them, but when i slipped my fingers inside , she began to jerk, she was moaning and whimpering , I remember a wonderful feeling of power almost, amazed that I could turn a girl on perhaps?

David was rock hard and he told me to lie beside her , I watched as he slipped his cock into her, and began to fuck her , she was gripping my hand, thought my fingers would break!!

I watched her face as he pounded her into the bed, seeing another woman cum was so bloody raunchy, I leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth, and she came , first time I ever saw a woman cum something you never forget..

Afterwards we went on to share a good deal of threesome fun, but that night still stays with me, Karen and I became more than friends, I still think of her to this day, she left N Ireland when we finished college..

We used to take pleasure scribbling notes down right feckin durty notes in class, one day she passed me a note, a bit of craic about what we should do that night, I looked up and the teacher was walking towrds us, shit she was asking to see what we were at?

Usual teacher stuff what are you two at? the whole class were looking as she demanded I hand over what Karen had written!!!!

No god damn way was I doing that, I grinned at her and popped in in my mouth, loll..chewed and swallowed whole, I got fecked out on my ear for that, Karen was pissing laughing and she soon followed, so wherever she is and whatever she is at, I hope she looks back and remebers her first time..