Written by Anonymous

6 Dec 2019

First Time

Myself and my wife went away for a dirty night alone, and i had full intentions of making the most of that, it wasnt long when we were in the hotel room that we were both naked and lying on the bed, kissing and touching each other and before i knew it i was on my knees on the matress playing with her clit, she was rolling around the bed with every touch, she then leaned up onto one elbow and took my cock in her mouth, so i was playing with her clit while she was sucking my rock hard cock, after a few minutes of this she stopped and said to me fuck me with a dildo while im sucking you off so i asked her which dildo she wanted and she said back to be in softest voice the big one (we have a large big black MR Grey rabbit that she loves) so i got that and returned to the bed and she took me again in her mouth, and without any lube on this black dildo it slid right into her she was that wet, the harder i fucked her with it, the deeper she moaned and harder she sucked, and soon realized how much i was enjoying it at which point she stopped and said dont cum in my mouth, at which point i got her head guided it towards my cock and had her continue to suck me off, then i said to her I AM going to cum in your mouth, while i was enjoying the most magnificaint blow job ever i was enjoying fucking her with the dildo, i again repeated to her I AM going to fucking fill your mouth with cum, she continued to suck me so the fact that she didnt stop sucking now that i had told her twice of my intentions and yet she continued to get as much me in her mouth , i grabbed her head with both hands and thrusted into her mouth and held her head tightly at my cock and held it there while i filled her mouth with cum, she took it all but then spat it out, while cuming all over the dildo, i then went down on her and ate her lovely pussy while fucking her with another dildo and she came again all over my face, this was very arousing as although she didnt want me to cum in her mouth i felt i had to as i had never done that before and she contined to suck me off despite the fact that i told her twice i was going to cum inside her. it felt great to treat her like a dirty little slut.