Written by Triple H

19 Jun 2017

My wife and I have been married for 15 years now and have a great sex life, what gets us both really turned on is fantasising about another man fucking her while I watch. We finally went ahead with it, we went to a hotel away from home. The first night at the bar Mary was getting some attention, from one guy in particular as he came up to get drinks. After a few drinks Mary said he would be ideal if he was up for it, she went ahead up to the room and I approached Joe and told him about our plans, he said he was flattered and would love to have her but he was with a friend for a match the next day. I said I'm sure Mary won't mind if he's up for it too. His friend was well up for it, they were both late forties to early fifties, Mary is 36, nice 34 B tits and a shaved pussy. When I entered the room with the two men Mary was taken aback, she looked unsure but said nothing. After introducing everyone I started to strip Mary, the two men were naked in no time, both sporting hard cocks. I laid Mary on the bed and spread her legs, her pussy was soaking and it squelched as I fingered it. Joe stood looking and stroking his cock, it was big and had a huge head on it. He climbed on the bed between my wife's legs, she reached out and took hold of his cock and guided it to the entrance to her pussy. I watched as the massive head disappeared into my wife's pussy, she moaned really loudly "oh fuck, that's so big" as Joe shoved his cock into her. Slowly at first, then getting faster he began to ride her, again she roared "fuck, it's so big, I'm going to cum on his big cock", Joe was fucking her hard, " fuck, she's nice and tight, you're a nice ride Mary ". With that Tony got on the bed and offered his cock for Mary to suck, the sight of that brought Joe off and he said he was ready to come, he asked where and I told him to cum inside her, then he tensed up and shot his cum into my wife's cunt. She was panting when he pulled out, she'd just had a new cock for the first time since we met, and she wouldn't have long to wait for the next. As soon as Joe was off her, Tony took his place and shoved his cock right up my wife's dripping cunt, he wasn't as big but still gave her a good fucking before he announced he was cuming inside her. I put her on all fours and took my turn, I was so turned on after seeing her get serviced by two new cocks that I came shortly after mounting her. Joe was hard again and asked if he could have her again, so Tony and I left them to it and went back down to the bar. They showered together then after a sixty nine Joe fucked her for an hour in different positions. They joined us in the bar and at the end of the night we all went off as if it never happened.