Written by Sally

5 Jun 2017

For the past couple of years my husband Sean has been wanting to see another man screw me, I said no way at first but eventually I said I would do it. A couple of times we got close but I couldn't go through with it, then Sean got in touch with a guy from here and he agreed to do it. Sean arranged everything and we went to a hotel, Sean and Mike had agreed what was to take place.

I was nervous as we waited in the room, but a couple of drinks helped relax me. Then the knock came to the door, my heart was racing as Sean let him in. He was older than I expected, but Sean probably wanted it that way. He was about 63, tall with grey hair and well dressed. I'm 29, petite and slim. After a drink Mike said shall we start?, he stood up and beckoned me to him. He kissed me and slid his hand up my skirt to feel my pussy. He then put me kneeling in front of him, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was bigger than I'd ever seen, I just stared at it. He spoke to Sean " tell your wife to suck my cock", Sean complied, "Sally, suck his cock". I pushed back the skin to reveal a big purple head and took it in my mouth. I started to suck and he urged me on, "yeah that's good, suck my cock". He held my head and started to fuck my mouth and without warning he pumped his cum into my mouth, forcing me to swallow it.

He then stripped me naked and laid me on the bed, he spread my legs and started to lick me out, he was really good, he fingered me as he ate my cunt, greedily lapping up the juice as I came on his face. He stripped naked and climbed on top of me to kiss me his cock rubbing on my stomach as I tasted my cunt on his mouth. He stood up and started stroking his rapidly stiffening cock. Again he looked at Sean " do you want me to fuck your wife Sean?, ", "yes, fuck my wife, make her cum". He rubbed his cock on my slit and slowly eased it into me, it was huge and uncomfortable at first, but I was soon taking it with ease. He kept talking and it was a real turn on, "oh yeah, such a good ride Sean, she's got a lovely tight little pussy, do you like seeing me fuck your wife?" Sean had his cock out and was wanking it, "yeah Mike, that's what I want to see, fuck her hard ". Mike was fucking me so hard and I came so much, he then put me on all fours facing Sean, he got behind me, his massive cock sticking straight out, it was shiny and covered by my juice, but looked red from his vigorous assault on my cunt. He drove into me again, he had one hand on my back keeping me in place as he fucked me , he grabbed my hair with his other hand and pulled my head up, forcing me to look at Sean. He was wanking furiously, Mike was giving me the ride of my life, his balls slapping off me with every thrust. He was saying " come on, take it, that's a good girl ". He asked Sean " look at her Sean, she's loving it, watch her while I give her my load ", then I felt his cock pulse and I knew he was coming inside my cunt, as he did Sean came on the floor in front of me.

After a drink and a chat we all fell asleep, but early in the morning I was woken up with Mike fingering my pussy, he said nothing and just climbed between my legs and entered me again, he just slowly and silently fucked me until he came inside me again. He kissed me, went for a shower, said his goodbyes and left. It was a great experience and very liberating, I'm sure it will happen again but next time I will take control.