Written by George

20 Mar 2017

My wife Susan and I have been married for 15 years now and although I sex life is very good, we wanted to spice it up. We talked about swinging for a while now and have fantasised many times about it. We are in our late 30s and Susan has only had sex with me, so after many tries we eventually made contact with a nice couple that were experienced in the life style. We chatted with them for a couple of months and we became friends, so when they invited us to join them at a party they were hosting we agreed to go, on the understanding that we would watch and see how it went. John and Mary, our hosts, are an attractive couple, Mary is 52 and John 63, five other couples were attending and they were all in their 50s and 60s.

After a couple of hours of chatting and drinking the party turned more interesting, every one got naked so we followed suit, it was strange and Susan was really nervous but as the youngest woman there she was the most beautiful, she's slim with big tits and a shaved pussy. John and Mary took the lead and said they would look after us, Mary kissed me and started stroking my cock, I could see John kissing Susan and feeling her tits. All around the other couples were busy sucking cocks and eating pussy, as Mary sucked my cock I watched as John pushed a finger in Susan's pussy, he then pushed her back on the couch and got between her legs and started to eat her pussy. She just moaned and looked at me, my cock in Mary's mouth. Mary realised I was intrigued watching Susan with another man for the first time, she sat beside me and started to talk dirty to me, "do you like to see your wife like that, another man eating her cunt?, he's going to fuck your wife now, they're all going to have her, when we get new people it's exciting and everyone gets a go, and with your wife being so young and beautiful it's even better". Hearing all this made me so hard, and when John moved up over Susan, placing his cock at the entrance to her pussy Mary sat on my cock. We watched as he sank his cock in her pussy, he sucked her tits as he pounded her cunt. She seen Mary bouncing on my cock, the other women were busy sucking cocks and I realised Mary was right, John let out a loud moan and it was obvious he was filling her pussy with his cum. He pulled out and as soon as he did another man Tom, the oldest at 69, turned Susan over and held her hips as he pushed his fat cock into her. His wife came to me and pushed her pussy in my face, "lick my cunt while Tom fucks your wife " she demanded. Joe pushed his cock in Susan's mouth, she didn't say anything, just went with the flow. She had said she might let someone ride her but here she was with her second cock of the night in her. Pretty soon Tom emptied his load in her, she was rolled on to her back for the next cock, and one after another she was fucked by all the six men there. I was being pampered by all the women there, got to stick my cock in each woman as the husbands fucked my wife, it was like a thrill for them, and eventually Mary asked me to come inside her, as the hostess it was her right, she lay on her back and spread her legs, I slid easily into her hairy cunt and as I pumped her Jean was behind me massaging my balls until I came in her, John watching as I did. It was an amazing experience, we made lots of new friends and next morning in our hotel room we had awesome sex, recalling Susan taking all those cocks had me so horney. Susan said she really enjoyed it and one man in particular Michael, she wants to meet him again as she said he had a great cock, so I can't wait.