Written by rgasmik69

27 Oct 2010

I was at the local bar when my friends mam asked me to buy a raffle ticket.After she told me the prizes i said id buy one if she were first prize.To my amazement she whispered she would be if i won.Alas no luck in the draw for me.However i picked up the winning ticket when all the prizes were given out and gave it to her.I winked and went to the toilet.When i came out of the toilet she was waiting for me and said she was going home and would i follow her in 15 minutes.Hell ya I said but asked about her hubby and my friend.She said they were in the Uk for a match.

When i got to her place i rang the bell.She came out in a silk nightgown with stockings and suspenders underneath.We immediately fell into eachothers arms.I played with her nipple as she rubbed my cock through my jeans.I carried her to the bedroom.I lay her on the bed and undressed her whilst teasing her body with my tongue.I sucked,licked,flicked and bit at her clit and nipples while fingering her pussy and ass.I kept pausing when she was close and after taking her to the limit about 3 times she begged me to fuck her.I undressed while she kissed and bit my nipples.She sucked on my raging hard on while playing with my ass.After 5 minutes i could take no more so turned her over.I took her doggy style and started to pound her pussy slowly.I reached around and played with her clit.We were both panting and sweating and we built up the

pace steadily with me pounding her and she backing into me.She climaxed first and gushed come all over the bed which set me off exploding deep in her pussy.I rolled off her exausted.We lay in each others arms for a short while before starting all over again.We spent the weekend fucking in all positions and in all holes.she showed me her toys and we both enjoyed using them.We are still lovers when we get the chance and she is my best milf fuck yet.Hope ye enjoyed the story