Written by TKMax

26 Aug 2016

Last weekend my best friend since primary school arrived back home with his family for a family wedding, he has been in Australia for years and this was the first time I'd seen him since he left. Tony and I grew up together, but while I was into fitness and football, he was more a ladies man and was very popular with the girls. He is the reason I first met Sara, they went out together for a while just as we finished secondary school. A few years passed before we got together, at this stage Tony had moved to London and our only contact was the odd phone call. Sara confessed to me that at that time she was scared of getting pregnant and she had only let Tony feel her tits and finger her pussy. She said that she really liked him and wanted to fuck him, but was afraid of getting pregnant, but she said she wanked him off and sucked his cock regularly.

His wife's younger sister was getting married so she was really involved in that, so we invited Tony to have a night with us visiting any of our old haunts that were still around. After a great night out we continued back at ours, reminiscing about the old days. Inevitably it turned to the time that Sara and Tony dated and what might have been, Tony said he often wondered about that, I told him he missed out on the jackpot. He said he had finished with her because she wouldn't have sex, that it drove him crazy to touch her and not be able to fuck her, but he always remembered the blowjobs, that was the first time he had one and he never forgot. I said she is so much better now, after years of practice she was a pro. Tony teased Sara and she responded by saying "I can show you if you like " he looked at me and I said why not, who refuses a bj?. Sara got on her knees in front of him as he sat in an armchair, she grinned at him as she got his cock out, is was uncut and semi hard. She started to wank it, kissing the head, she asked him "remember this?", then she took him deep in her mouth and started to show him how good she was. Soon Tony was bucking against her mouth, fucking it as he held her head. He announced that he was going to cum when Sara stopped, "no don't cum, I want it inside me, fuck me " , looking at me knowingly she said "can he fuck me, pleaseeee?". I said " well, you can't really leave him like that now can you?".

She stood up and stripped naked, Tony did the same as Sara laid on her back on the floor. "Are you sure?", she asked him, "what about your wife?", I've dreamed about this for years he said, he then positioned himself between Sara's legs, he looked at me and asked if it was ok?, I said sure, I knew she always wanted to have him. He placed the head of his cock at her opening, leaned forward to kiss her and as he did his cock disappeared in her pussy. After many years of wondering, they were finally able to experience it, Sara came quickly and Tony didn't last much longer before he filled her with his seed. We all went to the bedroom after that, Tony watched as I fucked her doggy style, her tits swinging as I fucked her hard, driven by the sight of their earlier efforts. We took turns fucking her until the early hours, and as Tony has a couple of weeks left I'm sure they will get a chance to have one last date and this time it will go all the way.