Written by Big D

1 May 2017

My wife and I have been married for 15 years now and although sex is good,we have never experienced it with others. Recently we were away at a wedding and were having a really good time. Sue is 41, petite with a very sexy body. We made friends with a lot of new people but one in particular took a shine to Sue, he was an elderly black man called Ron, mid sixties and very charming. As the night went on Sue became very drunk, so I decided to put her upstairs t bed. Ron offered to help and between us we managed to get her to the room. Sue was giggling as I put her on the bed, I pulled off her dress and she just lay there in her underwear, Ron was staring at her and kept saying "oh man, she's a beautiful woman ", I got this really strong urge to be bold, so I kissed her and took off her bra to expose her tits to our friend. Ron just smiled and stared, I then pulled off her panties and her pussy was wet and open in front of Ron. I nodded at Ron to touch her, he smiled and rubbed his finger on her slit. She moaned and I kissed her, then Ron got on his knees and began to lick her pussy, Sue was soon coming as he explored her cunt with his tongue, I played with her tits and I'm not sure if she knew who was doing what to her. Ron stopped and seemed satisfied with what he got, but I wanted him to do more. I again nodded and he seemed hesitant, so I nodded yes and spread her legs for him. Ron said nothing, he just undid his trousers and pulled out the biggest cock I have ever seen, it was uncut with a massive helmet on it. He gave it a few strokes and moved into position, he slowly eased it into my wife's cunt, she was moaning loudly and Ron just fucked her until he emptied his load in her cunt. He then just pulled it out, wiping it on her belly, zipped up and left. I fucked her and left my load in her before going down to rejoin the wedding. Ron handed me a drink and said " man, your wife is a fine ride, such a sweet pussy". Next day Sue said she had a great night, I hope to have more times like this again.