Written by Anonymous

4 Dec 2008

A few months ago I read in an agony column about a guy who enjoyed seeing other guys fondle his wife, who quite enjoyed it. I didn't think at the time that I could feel the same.

I will turn 49 this year but as I am blonde with a reasonable figure people tell me I look much younger. Hubby and I always had a reasonable sex life until a few years ago just before he retired when it started to wane - he was always tired and would rather have had a few drinks and sleep. When he retired it was down the pub all the time and 'brewers droop'.

Tom, retired when he was 50 and for his birthday earlier in the year ( his 51st ) I thought I would see if I could spice things up and although I was a little embarrassed about shopping for the gear - I purchased it online - I purchased a very short flared stretch miniskirt - just 14" long and see through top. When he was out having a few celebratory drinks with his friends I got a nice meal ready and his present - me!

I am fairly curvaceous and I felt slightly ridiculous in my very short skirt, stockings, g string, suspenders and heels and see through top with tiny cupless bra. I also wore a lot more make up than normal.

The result was impressive - dinner was forgotten about and he almost overwhelmed me with his desire and we spent the rest of the night making love like we hadn't for several years.

That weekend he suggested "staying in" rather than going out and once again fuelled by a couple of bottles of champagne sex was wonderful. Unfortunately I had a little too much to drink and when he said he would love to take me out in the gear I was flattered and agreed.

I was shocked when he announced mid week he was going to take me at my word and had booked for dinner in a restaurant slightly out of town and was looking forward to taking me out there in the gear. Rather reluctantly I agreed and spent a most uncomfortable night trying not to show acres of thigh above my stocking tops in the bar, seeing the waiter leer at my largely uncovered breasts in the restaurant and running the gauntlet of the rather ribald comments of a crowd of young guys in the bar who I am sure could see at least a bit of my naked bum cheeks when I went to the loo. Conversely hubby was thrilled with the whole experience and especially what he said were the number of young guys he had heard lusting after me.

He was even more rampant for sex that night '“ including mounting me at the car in the car park - and for the past few weeks we have gone out with me dressed in a similar fashion. I had rather got used to it and I have to admit even enjoyed seeing younger guys obvious interest both in terms of hearing their odd ribald comment to their mates about what they would like to do to me and seeing them looking at me with rather obvious desire. To be frank it also turned me on a bit and I was more responsive in my lovemaking so much so that when Tom muttered one night that he thought I was starting to really want as much cock as I could get, I murmured assent.

The next night when we were out Tom left the restaurant by a different route and took me to a riverside car park. I had enough to drink not to readily agree when he suggested he would love to have me over one of the picnic tables and I was quite enjoying his energetic pounding when I heard a noise in the nearby bushes and saw that two guys were watching from about 30 or 40 yards.

I hissed at Tom '“ `There's guys watching us' and I got up quickly and tried to push my breasts back into my top and pull my skirt down. I was stunned when Tom whispered `Its OK this is a dogging site, they're only watching and they won't do anything unless we want them to.'

My protests were muffled as he turned me round and started to kiss me before pushing me down on my back on the table and pushing my thighs apart. In spite of some concern I was a bit turned on to think that we were being watched and soon relaxed enough to respond to his insistent thrusting. I sobered up a bit when he came off and was trying to straighten my clothing when I saw the two guys emerging from the bushes and realised they were younger guys who drank with Tom. I realised I had been set up for my first dogging experience.