Written by Briga

6 Feb 2012

I stood up and took Mikes cock, still slippery from my mouth into my hand and began to stroke him. It felt awesome in my hand and I Continued to cup and tease his balls with my other hand. Then I felt his fingers under my balls as he began to run his hand over my balls and onto my cock. Then his hands traced the outline of my CKs back to my arse as he ran his hands over the material, lifting my briefs so that they felt like a thong between my arse. They didn't stay on for too long because Mike went straight down on his knees and took my now aching cock in his mouth.

I put my hands on his cropped hair as he went down on me. Fuck, he gives better head than Linda I thought as I felt his tongue on the tip of my cock. I heard him moan and felt him slow down on my cock and looked down to see Lindas face stuck in his arse, tongue flicking across his tight hole I thought.

Jesus, this was getting wild, now I needed to fuck someone, I doubted if Mike was going to go that far, so Linda was going to get it.

My turn to take charge..., get on the bed I told Mike, and looking at Linda I said, now YOU suck his cock.

Mike lay back on the bed and Linda knelt down, taking his cock straight into her mouth. Her short pony tail bobbed around as she sucked him, . I fucking love the way that happens!

That fabulous tight arse of hers, still with her sexy satin thong on, and still showing the bikini line from our earlier holiday in Cancun. Shit, I wanted to fuck her, but first for some fun.

I pulled aside her thong a slipped my finger along her very wet pussy and she spread her legs even more for me. Running my finger from her pussy I eased it to her asshole and rested it right on it.

I felt her push back on it and thought, yess, ass fuck on here....