Written by Briga

6 Feb 2012

Kneeling in front of Mike my heart was pounding while Linda licked and teased his cock through the fabric of his briefs. She cupped his balls with her hands and licked the length of his cock. Now your turn she whispered... I couldn't believe how turned on I had become by the thought of actually having a guys cock in my mouth. It was an even bigger turn on knowing it was Linda who had instigated it and the fact that it was Mikes cock that I would be having.

Mike turned so that I was at eye level with his very obviously throbbing cock. Sloggi for Men said his briefs as I put my hands on his waist, touching him for the first time, and eased my mouth towards his hard cock. I took what I could of his cotton covered cock between my lips and heard him breathe in . At the same time I felt his hands on my head pushing me into him. Fuck, this was unreal, I could actually feel his cock throbbing against my mouth as I copied Linda and began to lick the length of his cock back to his balls. I began to trace the outline of his balls through his briefs with my tongue and ran my hands over his hard arse.

I glanced across and saw Linda with her thong pushed aside and playing with her trimmed pussy.

Mike pushed me harder onto his balls and then I felt Linda beside me. She slowly eased the narrow waistband of his briefs down and 7 inches of rock hard cock stood in front of me.

Now suck him said Linda, suck his cock.... I closed my mouth down on his cock and heard Mike groaning. Jesus he felt huge , I couldn't believe how wide I had to open my mouth to take his cock. I felt his cock on the roof of my mouth as my hands migrated between his legs, cupping and squeezing his balls , as I felt Linda come behind me. My own cock jumped as I felt her slip her hands betwen my legs pulling my cock and balls back towards her and making me go down even more on Mike.

I began bobbing up and down on him, loving the sensation of his veined silky cock in my mouth .

I let his cock slip out of my mouth as I began to pull down his briefs easing them down until his balls came into view.

Shit, I wanted my mouth on those... I started licking his thighs working my way up his tightening balls.

Linda moved from behind me to behind Mike and I felt her hands on mine as she began to part his ass cheeks.

Now she's really horny I thought... He's gonna get a rim job from her.

Oh Fuck said Mike as I felt his legs spread wider exposing his balls to me and his ass crack to Lindas tongue.

More later....