Written by Briga

2 Feb 2012

About 4 years ago, while at a wedding, Linda my girlfriend and I ended up at a table with an old friend of mine , Mike. We were all getting bored with the wedding and decided it was time for a joint so I suggested we go up to our bedroom for a bit of peace.

Linda and I were going out for about 3 years and she enjoyed winding me up flirting with Mike. I could see him looking at her arse when she bent over and I have to admit it turned me on, thinking that another guy wanted to fuck her.

We ended up putting on the TV and while messing around we ended up getting a soft porn movie on. Two girls were making out and Linda commented how come it was always girls having it off and there were never movies shown where two guys were having fun.

That's coz guys wouldn't admit to it said Mike.

Does that mean you wouldn't mind doing it flirted Linda.

Depends on who asked me said Mike.

My cock was beginning to throb at this stage and I was thinking what the fuck was Linda playing at.

How about a bit of fun said Linda, reaching over and open my zip.

Are you getting hard too Mike she said, coz Tonys cock is ...

Then she opened my belt and pulled my pants down. I was wearing Calvin Klein briefs and my cock was straining to get out. I could see Mike staring as Linda knelt down teasing my cock and balls through the material of my briefs.

When she stood up she stepped out of the dress she was wearing and stood wearing just her blue thong in front of us. I could see Mike was nearly drooling at this stage and jumped up when Linda told him to strip off.

Quick as a flash he took off his shirt and dropped his pants revealing a cock bulging in a pair of black briefs.

Hmm snap, laughed Linda running her fingers along his cock. Would you like me to suck your cock she asked.

Fuck yeeah said Mike. Well not unless Tony can suck you off too.

Oh shit I thought, I never thought we'd get to this even though we'd often played this game at home.

Mike laughed and said yeah .... But only If I get to return the favour.

Linda knelt in down showing that fabulous ass barely covered with a bit of bright blue satin material and teased Mike by running her tongue over his bulging cock. Here, I'll show you what to do she said...

More later...