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9 May 2019

Fire ? I

You never know your luck


4 minute read

Having finished a big contract I decided I needed a break and headed for the sea for a few days . Enjoying the break and scenery I decided one night to go and have a few beers no work in the morning so no worrries about getting up early . Being off season the bar was quiet so I headed to bed early .I drifted off to sleep and I woke to the sound of an alarm, jumping up I checked the time it was 4 am. I rushed to the door to find the hallway full of other residents checking to see what was up . Across from my room a lady rushed out half asleep wearing just her sexy red lingerie she asked me what happened and I said we need to get out there’s a fire somewhere . Suddenly the alarm stopped so I assumed it was a false alarm so headed back to my room but there standing at her door was this sexy lady blushing she was locked out of her room and asked if I’d mind letting her in to my room to ring the night porter to let her in to her room as she had forgotten her key with the panic. She tried reception but no reply so I told her wait a bit . We got chatting and she said her name was Sandra I said hi and said I’m Mick and blushing said nice to meet you .. We chatted for ages and never missed the time going and still no reply from security’s I suggested she sleep in my bed and I’d use the sofa No she said it’s your room so you stay in your bed and she would use sofa So lights out and went back to sleep but not long after I felt the bed move and it was Sandera getting in next to me she whispered sorry she was cold .. Soon I felt her spoon me and wrap her arm around me holding me tight but I felt my cock throb as she held me close . Soon her hand dropped to my hard cock as she caressed me and she kissed my neck and whispered in my ear that she needed my cock to heat her up ... Slowly I turned over and kissed her while my hands caressed her hard nipples through her lace bra feeling them like buttons bursting through the lace ... She moaned with pleasure as I pinched them hard and kissed me as she begged me to fuck her fast ... Slowly I let my hand slide to her pussy where it was hot and wet. She pushed against my hand as I caressed her pussy and sliding my fingers in to her wet throbbing clit moaning and pushing against my fingers she gasped as her first orgasm hit her hard ... Pulling down her g string and removing her bra quickly I continued to caress her she was moaning and begging for my hard cock so spreading her wide I knelt between her legs as my hard cock came close to her throbbing pussy sliding up and down I teased her as she moaned and begged for my big cock soon I found her clit and pushed gently bit by bit till I was half in with my 8 inch cock then sliding out slowly teasing her then back in again but this time all the way till my balls were caressing her clit .. Pumping hard and fast she got her orgasm as I went harder and harder saying fuck me harder and harder not stopping I nibbled her erect nipples as I pumped her full of cock never stopping . Turning her over it was doggy time so grabbing her hips I opened he legs wide and plunged my throbbing cock in hard and deep in one motion filling her dripping pussy sliding in and out bringing her to another orgasm as I spanked her willing ass as I pulled her on my cock si I could fill her hungry pussy. Grabbing my cock I ran it along her ass wetting it with her cum As I grabbed her hips tight as I pushed my cock in to her tight ass she moaned and pushed back wanting more as I gently pushed till her ass got used to my cock .. she played with her wet clit as I rose her tight ass cum in my ass she said as I pumped harder and deeper faster and faster till I felt my balls tighten and fill her willing ass with cum my cock pulsing and pulling filling her with my thick creamy cum ,,.... We both fell asleep in each other’s arms wet and tired but happy ......

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