Written by bob10

5 Jul 2011

Back again for the final part of fucking my co-worker. We'd done it in the sitting room, on the stairs & now in the bedroom, so only place left we reckoned was in the shower the following morning. Obviously we were pretty well spent the night before, but sleep revived us and i woke with normal morning hard-on. Which I was quick to act upon when I realised Nicola was naked beside me with her ass towards me.

I didn't try for anal again but once she was awake i had her wet with my fingers and soon moved to put my cock in her. I slid in so easily as she was loose from the night before. after a few minutes of slow fucking, she suggested the shower, to increase the number of places we had done it. What a great girl. I wish all girls were this dirty.

So i pulled out, and she headed for the shower and got the water warmish. I followed her in and resumed position behind her, crouching a little, & rising to insert my full length into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned, and as i stroked in and out of her she moaned more and more. It's brilliant to have sex with a noisy girl when their's no-one else to disturb. So she moaned away happily getting fucked in the shower.

She turned around to me after a few minutes so i got to see her wet tits gleaning. I grabbed shower gel and lubed them up. Some of course slid down her body so her whole front was wet and slippy. My cock was never as hard. I was getting close to cumming and told her so, so she slipped off me, got on her knees and took as much of my dick into her mouth as the night before. I came in seconds. Some landed on her face, some in her mouth. That she swallowed, the rest the falling water washed down her body.

This was one of the best sex filled nights, and morning I've ever experienced. Definitely unforgettable! Hope you've enjoyed the ride too.