Written by bob10

15 May 2011

After the initial frantic passionate session, we sat for a while on the couch, me naked and her still in the corset and suspenders. We caught our breath and discussed what else we would like to do for the night. High on my list was to trey anal as i never had and she said she wanted to try deepthroat. We both saw this as the perfect chance to try different things without being judged. Anything was up for suggestion. We also talked about trying to find someone else for r threesome, but at a different time obviously.

This talk obviously got me hard again, and once i was Nicola was on her knees again licking and sucking my cock. She was so good at this. It wasn'st always in her mouth now was she shy about sucking it hard at times and the mix of her hot mouth and the colder air meant it wasn't long before it was a struggle to keep from coming.

My desire to fuck her was growing so we decided to move upstairs to the bed. She was ahead of me but on the stairs i decided to tease her pussy with my fingers. She stopped, went down on her hands and knees and i finger fucked her wet wet pussy. My hand was so wet and i said this to her. She said to reach forward and show her and as i did she licked my fingers. As she did this, i decided to fuck her properly so i slid my cock into her from behind on our workmate's stairs.This was so hot!

Not wanting to stop i took it slow, and Nicola was enjoying it from her moaning and dirty talk. I reached around her and wet my fingers on her wet cunt again and raised them to her mouth again. She loved the taste of herself. I reckon she tastes herself when she's on her own.

We then moved up to the bed without either of us climaxing. Nicola said it was time to try her preference of new things which was deepthroating. She took as much in her mouth as possible,slowly. I could feel the tip of my erect penis touch the back of her throat. She pushed her head further on down my penis. The head of my penis was now in her throat, and Nicola's hand was still at the base. At this point she pulled back gasping, but with a huge smile on her face. I said that was brilliant. She said she wanted to have all y shaft in her mouth without her hand on my penis so would try again until that happened.

Nicola tried again and again the head of my dick was surrounded tightly in her throat. She had almost all my dick in her mouth. Repeated attempts left only about half an inch exposed. This was without doubt the nicest feeling on my cock i've ever had.

Nicola was wetter doing this than i was hard. She found it so horny that once she decided she wasn't going to swallow the last half inch she turned around on the bed and told me very forcefully to try fuck her in the ass. This was the signal to get the lube a lather it up and down my saliva wet shaft. I also spread it on her round ass. I pushed one finger into her ass and she moaned. Nicola immediately said to put two in there. This i did with the lube, but her ass was tight.

I moved and told her i was going to try my cock now. She relaxed as much as she could. I placed the tip of my penis to her anus and pushed slowly. Her ass widened and parted as the head of my cock forced it's way into her hole. My helmet slipped into her ass and she commented how big it felt. I said that there was bigger to follow. I added more lube to my cock and tried to push in further, but Nicola's ass was too tight. We parted and tried again but i could not get my shaft into her.

In order to finish this session, i licked her pussy quickly and hard and Nicola came quickly. I then pulled on a condom as she was recovering, and slid into her loose wet pussy. I pumped hard and fast as she lay back and after a short while also blew my load into the condom, collapsing on her round full tits.

We had one more session in this house, which i'll detail to you soon.