Written by bob10

26 Apr 2011

As with the two previous stories I've added this involves the curvy co-worker that I've called Nicola. After our session in the car she was texting and messaging me on *removed*, saying how i owed her an orgasm, which was true. We were teasing and messing debating when and where we could get a proper fucking session when the opportunity arose that another colleague needed her house minded when she was away on holidays. Nicola said she would do it. In the meantime we were teasing how we would spend the night. We got talking about using a vibrator, and i said how i'd love the door to be opened by her wearing only a corset, suspenders, thong and high heels. We also clarified that she had never done anal but wanted to try it.

Well Nicola said a shopping trip was needed. She went to Ann Summers and I had to get lube and condoms. I was rock hard all day in work with her texting what she was wearing and how she would big all my cock in her mouth, which i knew she could. she also said she would suck her own juices off my dick after i had fucked her. Eventually that evening i got the text to say she was ready.

I drove over to the house and she opened the door wearing a blue and black lacy corset which pushed her breasts up. She had on a tiny black thong which i knew would only get in the way and stocking held up by the corset. Finally she was in heels. She opened the door,I walked in said hello. She closed and locked the door, and we tore into each other, our tongues swapping wet saliva, her hand reaching for my pants, and mine reaching into her thong to find a very wet and tightly shaven pussy.

We moved to the sitting room where Nicola pushed me on the couch and got on her knees and sucked the entire length of my cock like she said she would. I dared not come and after a few minutes told her to come up. She kissed me and leaned in over me. I pulled the thong to one side as i couldn't take it off under the straps of the corset, and slowly she slide her wet pussy down the full length of my shaft. It was so satisfying. Then she started to fuck me properly, pumping up and down on my cock. Nicola started to moan and talk dirty, and the more we fucked the louder she got.

I leaned her back and followed her onto a smaller stool in front of us. She now had her back on it, her head almost on the ground which made her huge boobs even bigger. Her legs were spread wide and i was pounding into her as hard and deep as i could. She was moaning constantly now, gasping to fuck her, and then she squealed and the pussy tightened. I pulled out and instead inserted two fingers and kept pounding her pussy with them. She was wet and only got wetter as i repaid her that orgasm she needed.

There is more to this night folks, but i'm so hard writing this that i'm going for some relief. Hope you enjoy reading as much as i enjoy reliving it.