Written by TITAN79

10 Feb 2009

Driving Back from her Folks for a weekend we just chat and laugh about what had happened the weekend, She starts to rub my thigh in a way Ive seen a few times before leaning her head to my shoulder and growling softly at me.I smirk to myself half hopeful half certain this could go anyway. Her hand starts to slide along my jeans and like all good cocks mine springs to life at the suddenness of her touch, she comments at my hardness her nails scratching the shaft through the stiff cotton. With glee she slowly slides down the zipper of the jeans and starts to fish..I jump and scold her I'm trying to drive like, but this seems to only make her more certain of her aim.

I gasp as my cock feels the cool air of the car, and she just purrs once more and slips me inside her mouth, the pleasure heightened by the fact I'm doing 60 and about to join the motorway, a few thoughts go through my head, overtaking lanes, guys in trucks being able to see down into the car, I nervously giggle at her telling her to behave but to no avail, she sucks on my cock as if her life depends on it, My initial doubts start to fade as the pleasure of her wet mouth and throat overtake my sense of reason.

involountary My left hand starts to run through her hair as I hear her contented purrs and slurps on my cock. I try my best to keep my composure as I watch the road ahead. I lay back against the seat my eyes getting heavy with the sensations eminating in myballs, she giggles through a mouthfull of cock knowing too well I wont last too much longer.

Then it happens, I brace my hands against the wheel, back straightens against the seat back as I growl a deep animalistic noise from deep indie me and her reward travels up my shaft into her awaiting hungry mouth. my ass cheeks clenching the seats so hard I fear there be a crease permanently left in it, she continues to suck and clean up the last of my load as she smacks her lips and gently tucks me away. She straightens up and smiles at me with a mischevious grin, Leaning in for a kiss I taste my cum on her tongue as she pulls away and Thanks me with a smile. Just then I spot the blue lights flashing behind me ' Ah Bugger'............