Written by amberwitch

17 Sep 2014

This only happened a few hours ago this morning. i called in on a farmer friend of mine on my way to work. The front door was open and key in it so I let myself in and called out for him , no answer, so I looked in kitchen , no one there , so I walked down the hallway thinking maybe he was in his office. I passed by his bedroom door which was open and his wife was just getting up out of bed she had her knickers on no bra and was slipping on her housecoat. She saw me and just continued to wrap her coat around her. Her tits were hanging out as she fixed herself. She has a good figure. She let me have a good eyefull and she knows I appreciate her assets as we always flirt. Would you like a coffee she says, hubby is down the fields. So wewent into the kitchen she putting on kettle, getting cups etc and still in her housecoat. Now it was one of those short coats so when she bent down for the fridge her lovly ass was on view. She knew i was following her around the room with my eyes and at one stage her coat fell open revealing her lovely tits , she took her time putting them away making sure I got a good eyeful. So as they say it was time to take the bull by the horns so I went over to her put my arms around her and kissed her on the mouth. She did'nt pull away or anything, so i opened the housecoat and fondled her tits and then gave her fanny a sqeeze. She led me down to the bedroom, took off her knickers and lay on the bed legs wide open, I dropped my pants and mounted her straight away and started to fuck her. Meanwhile I could hear hubby driving tractor around in fields so as long as he was on his tractor i was on his wife. I rode her for about ten minutes before the tractor came into the yard, I promised her i would finish her off tonight.

It was unexpected and looking forward to sowing my seed in the farmers wife.