Written by jckb

6 Jan 2012

Staring at the text, my mind wandered back to the first time. A cheeky smile came across my face. “What time?” I asked. “Come after work. The door will be open” The day seemed to go so long. At 5.30 I hoped into my car and started to drive to her place. I hit every red light on the way.

I pulled up outside her house and gathered myself. Deep breath in…and out. I walked towards the door, my legs feeling like jelly. I pushed on the handle and true to her word it was open. I walked into the hallway to find a post-it on the stairs banister. “Upstairs” it read. My heart began to race. There was another post-it on her closed bedroom door. “Strip” it said. I took off my clothes. There I was, fully naked outside her door. I pushed it open and what I saw took my breath away. She had such an unbelievable body. Toned from all the exercise. She was fabulous. She was on all fours at the edge of the bed. Naked and her ass pointing towards me. I approached and as I did she slapped another post-it on her rear. “Play with it” with an arrow pointing towards her pussy. She had even placed a pillow on the wooden floor so I’d feel more comfortable.

I placed my hands on her ass and spread her cheeks. As I spread her cheeks the lips of her pussy parted a bit. I used my tongue to help them along the way. She let out a gentle moan when I reached her clit. She would every so gently jolt when I done something that pleased her. A gentle sigh when I would take my tongue away. Her pussy was a delight. I slipped one finger inside her as I played with her clit. She was already very wet at that stage. “Another” she said. Your wish is my command. She was in control and I loved every second of it. She seemed to love what I was doing too. Her pussy wet from a combination of my tongue and her own juices. I removed my fingers, which glistened, and placed them into her mouth. She licked and sucked them clean. She wanted to do something else. She told me she wanted to try something different. I was certainly game. I noticed one of the kitchen chairs was in the bedroom. That was odd I thought. She beckoned me towards it. Asked me to put my hands behind my back and began to tie them to the chair. I was getting a tad nervous. She disappeared down stairs for a few minutes and I could hear the rustling of drawers opening and closing. That only heightened my sense of nervousness. She came back a few minutes later with a bowl of ice cubes in one hand, and a cup of hot water it the other. A sense of relief came over me. I began to laugh and told her what I had imagined. “Oh no no no” she replied as she seductively knelt down in front of me. She placed an ice cube in her mouth all the time playing with my erect cock. She took it in her mouth and the sensation caused by the cold ice cube ran over my body. She done this for a few more seconds, took it out and took a sip of the warm water and once again took my cock in her mouth. She repeated this over and over again. It was driving me wild. Once she had enough of that she rolled the condom over my cock. It ached to be inside her. She straddled me and an instant smile came over her face as it slipped inside her. “How was your day?” she asked as she gently rocked back and forth on my lap. “Tedious” I replied with a rye smile. “Were you thinking about fucking my pussy?” “Oh god yes!” “Tell me how bad?!” as she began to increase her pace slowly. “Bad!!” was all I could muster! “Tell me you want me to fuck you harder!” “Fuck me harder!” I managed to exclaim. My cock slid in and out of her pussy with frivolous speed. Her clit rubbing off my body. Gyrating her hips faster and faster. Oh how I just wanted to take my hands and caress her body, her breast, clap my hands on her ass and push her to fuck me faster…harder. But no, this was what got her off. The control. She loved it. It wasn’t long until we were both nearing the point of climax. I could feel her body tingle with every hard trust. Her hands wrapped around my neck using it as leverage to angle her clit to send her over the edge. We both came within moments of each other. She untied my hands, my wrists red from the tightness. We both fell on the bed.

We fucked many more times that night. When it was time to go she asked could we do this on a regular basis? Oh yes was my reply as I got dressed.

Hopefully you enjoyed that one.

I have many many more from my time with her. It was, without doubt, the horniest time of my life. Thank you for reading.