Written by ITSligoguy

27 Nov 2011

Until a few years ago i enjoyed sex as much as the next guy, sure i had fantasizes like every one else but i had always assumed every one led similar sex lives, regular healthy sex. A box was opened that i have not been able to shut, a good friend of mine was living in Dublin with his girlfriend whom i had met on several occasions and found her to be very sexy, which i teased my friend about. after returning to Sligo one weekend my friend kept txting me bout how his girl friend thought i was great craic etc and that it was a pity i didnt visit more often to which i replied she must fancy me lol, i was shocked when he texted back and said yeah she does, out of all my mates your the one she would love to fuck the most. I was shocked "what the fuck i said" it was then he replied that over the last year or so they had been living out some of their dirtiest dreams, he told me that they had a few threesomes with other girls and that now she wanted to try it with two guys, he told me that she wanted to fuck one of his friends who she knew would be discreet and that of all the friends he had I was the nicest guy out of them, not necessarily the best looking.

At first I didnt believe him i thought it was a wind up but then he rang me and put her on the phone, she laughed and said if your not up for it im sure we can find some one else. So we made a date for the next time i would be up in Dublin working. the date arrived and i finished up work on the Monday evening and went back to the B&B for a shower and get changed. We agreed to meet up outside an Italian restaurant in Temple Bar where we were going to have dinner before having a few drinks around town and then back to their flat. We were all merry when we got back to the flat but i was taken aback, the minute we got inside the door "sinead" had her tongue in my mouth, we kept kissing until we sat on the couch and then she knelt between my legs and pulled my jeans down, i looked at "Mark" for approval and he just smiled as she began licking my cock and taking it in her mouth, i was so horny for pussy i stood up and sat her on the couch and stripped her naked, i spread her legs and slipped my tongue into her moist pussy, she moaned as i probed my tongue into her and sucked her clit gently occasionally licking the moisture from her thighs which was now running from her like a tap, i looked up to see she now had marks cock in her mouth as i ate her pussy, i sat besides her i lifted her over to me she put her legs either side of me and slid her pussy down my cock until she was at rest then she started to buck her hips as i sucked het pert tits, mark tried to touch her but she was in such a frenzy she pushed him off and wrapped her arms around my neck and began to ride my cock furiously i was so close to cumming i lifted her on to her back and emptied my balls deep into her, i was exhausted. as she lay their Mark lifted her on to her hands and kness and began to fuck her doggy style him cumming seconds later he was that horny from watching her go. So now after that how can i go back to regular sex ?