Written by Clare

23 May 2017

I have been married to my husband for 10 years, extremely happy I might add. We would have a good sex life, breaks away when we can and sex at least twice aweek. Last year I found a lot of porn site's on his phone followed by membership to this swinger site. I confronted him and after a lot of bullshit he finally admitted he wanted us to meet another couple. I was sick are you crazy . He wouldn't let go and eventually I gave in. We decided to meet this couple in a pub for a drink nothing else but of course after 3 drinks they all started to gang up on me . I still wasn't sure so left for home, my husband was visible disappointed. After another week I decided I would do it. We would invite the couple over to are house and only go as far as I wanted. On the nite we had a couple of bottles of wine before things started to take off . It was as if we were all going to do it in the sitting room . He had his arm around me and was kissing my neck and she was French kissing my husband, I panicked "stop" I don't know if it was seeing my husband and her together or the thought of him seeing with another man but I couldn't do it in front of him. "Do you mind if we go to the bedroom and maybe join yous in awhile " I think on some level I was hoping my husband would get a bit rattled at the thought of this no chance . We went upstairs and into the bedroom were we sat on the end of the bed, my heart was racing my mind doing somersault s what was going on downstairs before I could get my bearing's he had his hand up my dress but I was dry as a bone, he took my underwere off and stuck his head between my legs and started force his tongue up my fanny he then took my dress and bra off I bent down to take my heels off "no leave them on " as he dropped his trousers and took off his shirt "take them off" referring to his boxers I took them down and his big erect penis was just staring at me, he had his hands on his hips looking like he was the world's greatest, I would never be with a man like this and yet here I was "suck it , don't be shy " as he put his hand around the back of my head. I have a small mouth so this was uncomfortable after a couple of minutes " do you want to have sex I asked " I couldn't take that Fat penis in my mouth any longer. I was still quite dry but that didn't stop him he wanted doggy so I got on fours and he pounded away he was clearly to big for me and i wasn't enjoying it, he then turned me around on my back put my legs over his shoulder and pounded me, he then came pulling his penis out and masturbating for the last few seconds his penis was up past my belly, just as I looked down to see what was taking so long he exploded, it shot into my mouth and eye my hair was covered, I tryed to jump up but he had hand on my shoulder holding me down. I lay still for a second while he finished holding his cum in my mouth then I jumped up ran into the bathroom to split it down the toilet. I washed my face and put my robe and headed down stairs. The sitting room down was slightly opened and my husband had this women bent over are armchair "yea you fucking like that, you like big dick I'm going to fuck your mouth with my big cock you dirty little bitch, tell me you want my cum" I was stunned I didn't know man we never made love like this. Is this who he really is. Then her partner came down the stairs pulling himself off are you coming back up . " I don't feel well " I walked back upstairs and headed to are bedroom to change the sheets, the 3 of them stayed downstairs till 6am before the taxi pulled up. My husband was like a new man the next day he bounced out of bed and with almost no sleep he headed to work. But I knew he would want more of this and I knew he wasn't the man I thought I married, I also knew I was going to leave him. We were different people.