Written by roy16

1 Sep 2014

Hi all,

During our recent summer holiday in Turkey, I booked my wife and I to go for a massage at our hotel. As this was advertised with both Male and Female masseuse, I enquired about the services. I was openly told that a Male Masseur would perform Erotic massage on us both in our room.

I didn't tell my other half but as I was quite horny all day leading up to it and was grooming her for the treatment by rubbing her bum when ever I got the chance(She love that)By mid afternoon she was quite horny herself and whilst I was touching her she turn and bit my ear and asked if I would fuck her. I told her she had to wait for the massage later. She asked if it was a male masseur, and I said 'Yes' She bit my ear again and said 'Great' and stuck her tongue into my ear. She was clearly up for it.

We went back to our room at about 5:00 as I had book the guy for 5:30. My wife asked, what should I wear, to which I replied, very little and we laughed.

Then to knock at the door and I went to answer. A very fit guy about late 20's, already topless stood there and he introduced himself as Tariq. His was very toned and naturally tanned and my wife did look pleased to see him. We spoke and my went off to get ready and returned in her robe. He asked if we wanted his table set up or on the bad. Before I could speak my wife said on the bed please.

He asked if we were both for treatment and I said just My wife please. She lay down and opened her robe exposing her near naked body instantly to him wear just a small bikini bottom which is tied either side of her hips. He wasn't phased by this and started with the oil. He was very gentle and worked around her shoulder and down around her bare breasts, slowly but firm, pressing quite hard on her stomach area. As he did she was already under his control as she arched her back with slight moans with every push. After about 5 minutes, my cock hard just watching, he asked her to roll over. As she did she looked over at me with a look that said' Can I fuck him'.

He again started at her shoulder and worked his way down to her lower back, again pressing slowly but firmly. His fingers slipping just slightly under the top of her bikini. He then went to her feet and spent some time working each toe and moving up towards her lower leg. gently caressing her muscles, he gradually with each stroke went higher and higher. I doing so my wife slowly started to open her legs almost with each stroke. By now he was clearly working close to her crutch area and concentrating in a more defined manner. Without asking, he pulled the strings on either side of her bikini, opening them and slowly lifting it back exposing her bare bum. In doing so he continued to pull them up and off by ensuring the rubbed up along her vagina all the way off. This again brought a slight moan from my wife.

Once exposed he began to work around her bum cheeks again getting lower and lower with each stroke. By now my wife's legs were fully open to the extent that Tarig was able to place the full 4 fingers around her vaginal area. He did this really slowly but again pressing firmly against her and on the first occasion my wife, Groaned' Fuck' and looked at me.

She then rolled over herself and began to put her hand on him and he immediately asked if sent want to rub oil on him. She got up and he lay down and she start on his bare chest and soon had her hand down hi crotch, as if I wasn't there. He was now caressing her bum and crotch as she did this and soon she was undoing his shorts and slipping them off. With minute she was sucking his impressive cock and glancing over at me. He was by now fingering her and soon she stopped and asked me if she can take him. I said of course babe.

She straddled him and slowly let his hard cock slip up into her. began to gyrate on him and soon they both going at it hard and and her groaning getting loader. Then she exploded with an uncontrollable shout of Fuck me hard to which he reacted and through her over onto the bed. He kept pushing his cock into her hard for a good 5 minutes before he came in her and the both collapsed onto the bed.

My cock was ready to explode at this point and I had to go to the bathroom to relieve it as neither of them where able. When I came back he was up and ready to leave. She got up and kissed him passtionately and said thanks and he left.

As this was early in our holiday and my wife clearly enjoying the experience her appetite for sex was then insatiable for the rest of the week. We fucked several time a day, everywhere, On the beach at night, In hotel toilets, on our balcony.

I'd like to able to avail of the same servie here, if anyone knows where??