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Drunk wife

"Crazy nite"
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Published 1 year ago
My wife is 39 years old, we're together 15years and I can get a little bored. She is slim good looking but can't hold her drink. She gets very nasty with drink on her and always wants to have sex with me at the end of the nite. The sex is usually awful, just hard work with no end result for her as she does be to drunk to cum. On this nite we stayed in a hotel in dublin and to cut a long story short we where back in the hotel bar chatting with another couple, all very pleasant untill my wife got hammered and started mumbling under her breathe and got extremely argumentative with the couple we where with. So I told the couple we where heading to bed but I told john the gentleman that my wife took a drunken dislike too that I was going to fuck my wife but I'd leave the hotel door open if he wanted to have a look in. Not sure what came over me but I was so excited. In the lift on the way up the wife tried to start a row with me but I managed to keep her sweet. When we got into the hotel room i took off my shoes and left one wedging the door open. Then came the onslaught of the drunken wife taking her clothes off and sucking my dick. '' which way do you want to fuck me or do you just want a blowjob'' I got her into the doggy position ass facing the door incase john showed up, my wife head was on a pillow and her ass was in the air and I was pounding away she had stopped making pleasurable noises and I think we were both to drunk. I turned around only to see john standing inside the door. He moved closer to get a better look as I was pounding away. He then signaled me to take my hands off her hips as I did he moved his hand under her belly and up towards her boob. And he started to play with her nibble and feel her ass then he started to force his thumb into her ass. John then unzipped his trousers and released his cock he put his hand on my chest and pushed me back from her, I was thinking this is to far but I just froze as he got behind her and started to pound her. It only last 4 or 5 mins before he came. He pulled out and headed for the door. My wife had rolled over onto her side and under the covers. Then next morning we woke up she said she felt uncomfortable most of the nite as it must have been the cum leaking out of her all nite.

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