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12 Aug 2020

Dream comes true

To good to pass on this opportunity


4 minute read

Firstly I'd have to say I'm not ashamed of anything that happened in this story. My name is Andy I'm a heavy man not particularly good looking and I'm only 5 foot 7 inches tall. I've never had any luck with the ladies infact the first woman I did have a bit of luck with I married. She is as fat as me. I'd go so far as to say the highlight of our week is doing the weekly shop. Some time ago I got invited to attend a stag in galway. I was unlucky enough to land a room with john. John was a fantastic looking guy, A real bodybuilding type. Always scored anywhere he went. So everyone was calling us twins for the weekend after the movie. Surprisingly John didn't score the first nite but the second nite was messy, we all got separated and ended up in different pubs. I got back to the hotel at around 2am. As I got in the bedroom door I could hear john snoring. I turned on the light only to see a women in his bed. She sat up and I immediately recognised her. Only the wife of a very good friend of mine. I had been a groomsman at there wedding. She was stunned, I explained I was sharing this room with John. Now let me say this is by some way one of the most attractive females to grace this land and I am looking at her knickers and bra on the floor. Gorgeous brown hair tanned skin, brown eyes tall big tits. She asked would I tell her husband and I said I would have no choice. We went back and forward for awhile before I said I would keep my mouth shut if she got into my bed. After I promised to never tell a soul she said ok. She stood up from his bed completely naked my cock nearly busted through my jeans. I started to feel her tits then I poked her cunt for a min, john had seen to that been nice and moist. I took of my jeans and told her to bend over I had to get my cock inside her before she changed her mind. I fucked her like this for 5 or 10 mins but I was struggling to hold my cum from exploding. So I decided to shoot my first load in her mouth. One thing I had going for me was 7 inches of thick cock. She sucked it well but only wanted half in her mouth. I could feel the cum simmering someone I grabbed her head with my 2hands and i fucked that mouth, before I knew what was happening my eyes where rolling in the back of my head and the cum shot out of my cock and into her mouth. ''Swallow swallow'' thats all I could barely say. I kept her head there for at least another 30seconds before I folded on the bed. She headed for the bathroom. I'm sure she thought I was done but I was back up in no time. Back to doggy, I pulled her ass cheeks apart as I was pounding her. I then turned her on her back legs in the air. This was a good 20mins of french kissing sucking her tits and pounding that cunt. I eventually filled her cunt. She said she was tired now but I wanted more. I bend her over and started to lick her ass ring untill I got hard again. I then stuck my cock in her mouth for another while before I lay her on her side and lifted one leg on my shoulder and pounding her cunt for at least 40mins the sweat was popping out of me, I just couldn't come the bed was making that must noise that John woke up and walked pass us to the bathroom ''fuck sake'' as he looked at his one nite stand getting pounded, that was it, I let out this mighty roar as I shot another load into her cunt. John walked pass again '' did I not satisfy you'' john looked a bit pissed. She jumped off the bed and gathered her stuff and headed to the bathroom. I already had her knickers hidden. She bolted out the room without saying goodbye. The next morning we were all in the lobby and of course john was telling the story of how me and him tag teamed this posh chick. I've seen her twice since she will barely look me in the eye. Everyday I put her knickers over my noise and mouth and I have a wank thinking about that perfect body and that beautiful cunt. Best time ever.

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