Written by Michelle

24 Feb 2012

To get back to my story. i left the apartment and walked home, on my way i thought back on the night and morning i just had, my sole intention for doing what i did was to get back at the bastard who i often called my boyfriend, the louse didn't have the balls to tell me he didn't like me anymore, or maybe he just liked the idea of having two women on the go at the same time, even though i had one of the most exciting nights of my life, "The Bastard" as he shall be called from now on, was still my main target, i reached home and went to bed for a couple of hours, i would have stayed asleep only for the sound of "I am so lonely" rang out on my phone, when i answered it i heard The Bastard's voice, he was apologizing for not being with me, saying he missed me and couldn't wait to get back, i bit my tongue but thought, You're going to get your cumuppence you slimy bastard, i answered him as if there was nothing wrong and he left me saying he was looking forward to seeing me on Tuesday, the dirty fucker was even leaving me in second place above Sheila, he was coming to her on Monday, i hung up at the end of the conversation thinking of Billy Connolly the comedian, i heard "You'll get yours you bastard" i was just about to drift off to sleep again when my phone rang a second time, i picked it up expecting him to say something, but heard Sheila on the other end, did you enjoy last night she asked, yes i did i replied, would you like to come out again tonight and meet some of my friends she asked, why not i thought, yes i'd like that i replied, ok she said, ill meet you in the same pub around eight o clock she said, ok i answered, by the way she said, my friends are a bit like ourselves, they love a good night, will they be joining us back in your's i asked her, definately she said, lovely i said, ok then she said, ill see you at eight and she hung up, my full intention was to meet her and tell her about The bastard, she was a lovely girl and deserved to know the truth, but how was i going to tell her without her thinking it was jealousy, i didn't really care what she thought, he was going to pay, i went back to sleep, but not before i put my hand on my pussy and thought of the night i was going to have with my new friend and her pals, when i had given myself a lovely cum i drifted off, i woke about four o clock and gave the place a clean up, into the shower, and then down to the supermarket for a little bit of shopping, by the time i had everything sorted it was seven o clock, into the shower again, then dressed in my short skirt, tight top, and high heels, no knickers of course, i went to another pub that i frequented and had two drinks to put me in the mood, i knew the way the men were looking at me that they wanted to get between my legs, i even considered teasing one of them, i was so horny i was going to open my legs and let him look at my pussy, but decided against it, if i got a cock i mightn't have gone to meet up with the girls, i left the pub and walked on to meet up with Sheila, as i arrived in the pub i saw her sitting at the same table with some of the girls that had been there the night before, i approached the bar and ordered a drink, Sheila came up to me and said, you look so sexy i could eat you, where's the bathroom i asked her, i could do with someone eating me right now, there's plenty of time for that she said, come on down and ill introduce you to a few of the girls, there were four of them including Sheila, she told me each of their names, and she gave my name to them, as we sat around chatting i was brought in on the conversation, one of the girls continued where she left off before i joined them, i'm telling you Sheila, he's a snake, he's more than likely fucking some young one up the country, he wouldn't do that Sheila said, yes he fucking would said one of the other girls, he's chanced every one of us, he's a dirty cunt, and he doesn't give a fuck about you, or anyone else for that matter, i wanted to tell her they were right, but i didn't want to say it in front of them, i would get her on her own later and tell her what kind of a rat he was, the girls got fed up of talking about The bastard and moved on to other things, one being sex, my favourite subject, one said she had met up with a husband and wife team last night, and the fuck session they had was out of this world, they all asked for the dirty details, but the girl asked them what they had done first, another girl said she had gone to her friends house and they had a beautiful night, another girl pretended to cry and said, you pack of bastard's, i had to go home on my own and wear my big finger out, Sheila looked at me and said, i had a lovely night, i sucked the most beautiful pussy i've ever tasted, and i got my pussy sucked by a beautiful mouth, one of the girls looked at me and said, You're coming home with me tonight, you can fuck off said another, she's coming with me, she came with me lots of times last night said Sheila, somehow, not by me, but the conversation drifted back to The bastard again, one of the girls said, will we set him up, how can we set him up asked Sheila, he doesn't know Michelle, (that's me) so we could let her try him and see if he chances her, i don't know replied Sheila, lets think about it, ill talk to Shell about it later, the conversation went back to sex again and the girls decided they were all going back to Sheila's apartment later on, are we bringing men with us asked one of the girls, fuck no said another one, if we can't satisfy each other, what the fuck can a man do, he can give us a big cock said another, when we stopped laughing we decided we wouldn't bring men unless they had a big cock, and could service the five of us, if he can't said one of the girls, ill do it for him, wwe had a few drinks and moved on to another pub, we then went to a night club, we saw lots of men but none of them fitted our requirements, so back to Sheila's apartment the five of us staggered and had our own fun, and when i say fun, i mean fun, i wasn't in the door when one of the girls; (Betty) put her hand up under my skirt and felt my pussy, Jesus said Betty, Michelle is saturated, a chorus of, so are we rang out, before i knew what was happening, Betty was on her knees and had my skirt pushed up to my hips, before i felt her tongue running up and down my slit i heard her begging me to open my legs, which i did, her tongue ran all the way to the top of my lips, and then all the way down to my arsehole, how she could reach that far was a mystery to me, she had a neck like a giraffe, as i watched i saw Sheila kissing one of the other girls, then another one came over and knelt behind me, she started licking in between the cheeks of my arse, i stood there, dripping cum juice down onto Betty's mouth, i was like a sandwich, as Betty forced her head between my legs she drove me back onto the mouth of the girl behind me, and as the girl behind me forced her tongue between the cheeks of my arse she pushed my slit forward onto Betty's tongue, between them they gave me a beautiful cum, and of course i did the same for them, that night i sucked four beautiful cunts, sucked four arses, sucked more tits than i ever had, and got more cums than i'd had in my life, when the girls were satisfied they called a taxi and the three of them left, leaving Sheila and myself to go to bed, she was an expert, although i had been given at least four cums by the girls, Sheila gave me two more, but they weren't just fast cums, she dragged them out, when i was on the verge of creaming her tongue she would stop and let me calm down before she started sucking again, she called it calming down, i called it fucking punishment, we did a couple of sixty nines, used vibes, even went to the kitchen and used the handle of the small brush, we used her vaccuum, she sucked my nipples with it, she used a hairdryer on my cunt, we went to the shower and she used the fast jet to excite my clit, i did the same to her, we went to bed at five o clock in the morning completely satisfied, as i drifted off to sleep in Sheila's arms i thought, now you fucking bastard, in the morning i'm going to tell Sheila all about you, she might hate me for it, but at least ill have fucked your life up, like you did to me, ill finishe this later, the next part will be the final part. don't miss it, find out what happened to "The Bastard.