Written by horny lady

6 Feb 2012

horny ladyi had been going out with a bloke for about six months when i found out he was having sex with another girl behind my back, i knew of the girl he was doing it with, but didn't know what she looked like, after some searching, and talking to my friends, i found out that the girl was bi-sexual, i never said a word to him about finding out what he was doing, but i intended to get my own back on him, whatever it took, i went about getting revenge on him by finding out everything i knew about this girl, she was an innocent party, who didn't know he was dating me, i made discreet enqiiries about her and eventually found out where she went for a drink at the weekends, my man was a bricklayer, and often had to travel long distances for work, not long after i'd found out about him, he phoned me to say he was staying in the town he was working in, saying that he had to work long hours to complete a job, the cheeky bastard even said, "it will be well worth it baby, and ill treat you when i get back", i had an idea he was spending the weekend with his lover, when that evening came i dressed myself up and headed off to the pub the other girl drank in, fully expecting my boyfriend to be there serenading her, The pub was fairly packed when i got there, and i thought i was going to find it hard to locate this girl, but luck was on my side, there were three or four girls sitting at a table in the centre of the bar, with me being on my own, one of the girls spoke to me when she came to the bar to order a drink, she inviteds me to join their company, as i sat down the girl introduced me to her friends, one of the names struck a chord with me, i looked at her and saw she was really pretty, if this is the girl he's sleeping with he's lucky i thought, there and then i decided to work my way into her good books, it didn't take too long for her to come and sit next to me after she had got up to order a drink, we had been talking about men, and she had jokingly said that some women didn't need men to satisfy them, i agereed with her which made her interested in what i had to say about the subject, while the other girls were deep in conversation she leaned close to me and asked if i was serious about women being able to give each other pleasure, i told her i was and she said, i like getting a little pleasure from another woman, so do i was my reply, she took a sip of her drink and asked me if i would like to go to another pub for a drink, i kept the thought of getting even with my boyfriend in my head as i agreed to go with her, we finished our drink and she told her friends we were going somewhere else for a while, telling them we would be back shortly, we left the pub and started walking down the street, we hadnt gone far when she said, do you mind if i pop into my flat for a few minutes, i said i didn't, another few yards and we entered an apartment block, we went to a ground floor flat and she let us in, when she went in to a room she turned and asked me if i would like to freshen up a bit, i told her i was ok, you don't mind if i do she asked, work away i told her, she took her coat off, then her blouse, to reveal a large cleavage, between two huge breasts, she didn't seem one bit embarrased as she stepped out of her skirt letting me see the bright red knickers with the matching bra, "i have to change my underwear she said, i get very wet when i'm with the girls, what do you get wet from i asked her, they turn me on she said, they don't know i'm bi-sexual, she hooked her fingers in the top of her knickers and pushed them down her legs, lifted each leg in turn and took the knickers off over her shoes, i didn't get a look between her legs until she straightened up, but when i did i saw a completely bald pussy, she saw me staring at it and said, have you a bald one or is it hairy, i have a little bit of hair i replied, we were talking as if we were discussing the weather, i like them bald she said, i can get the full taste of the cum juice when there's no hair she said, at this stage i could feel my own pussy getting wet, Sheila,(the girls name) didn't give me a chance to think about anything else, she walked over to me and put her hands at the back of my neck, she pulled my lips to hers and gave me a passionate kiss, as she was kissing me she started to rub my tits through my coat, here was i, going to get my own back on my boyfriend, going weak at the knees as i felt her hand going under my coat, she started massaging my pussy through my skirt, she never took her lips from mine as she got her hand up my skirt and ran a finger up and down between my pussy lips, my juice started to flow like a tap, she realized this and took her hand away, i just stood there like a dummy as she opened my coat and took it off me,she then put her hands to the bottom of my blouse and pulled it off over my head, she didn't even take time to open the buttons, when she saw that i had tits just like hers, she bent down, pushed the black bra up off my tits and started sucking the nipples, before i knew what was happening she had me eased back so the back my legs were hitting off the two seater couch, she never took her mouth off my nipple as she lay me back onto the couch, another ten seconds and she was working my skirt down my hips, i knew my black knickers were stained as she looked at them, and she let me know she knew, you've had a cum she said, yes i have i answered, she didn't stop working as she spoke, my knickers followed my skirt onto the floor, my bra went after them, by now i wanted her tongue in me, and she obliged, she let go of my nipple and knelt down in front of me, she got hold of each of my legs, just behind the knees and put them in the crook of her arms, she pushed forward, which drove me back further on the couch, resulting in my two legs going up in the air, my pussy was opened out in front of her eyes, she bent down and put her lovely warm mouth against the lips and started kissing them, then she ran her tongue up along my slit, the sensation was unbelievable, but it was nothing to what i felt when she drove her tongue into me, this girl certainly knew how to excite a pussy, she licked and sucked until i had a tremendous orgasm, she drank every drop of my cream as i squirted it into her mouth,when i stopped gasping for breath she came up from my pussy, "did you enjoy that she asked, it was beautiful i told her,she asked me if i would do it to her, i said i would and we swapped places, i gave her a cum the same as she had given me, i licked and sucked her until she screamed, when she had creamed my mouth i got up and sat beside her on the couch, my God she said, that was really beautiful, i know i said, do you want to go to another pub she asked, or would you rather stay here for a while, we could have a drink here and have a bit of fun with each other, my boyfriend had been forgotten, and my pussy wanted more tongue, i agreed to stay with her, we had a few drinks, playing with each others pussies, sucking and licking, we went to bed and used one of her vibrators on each other, we also used her strap on, she had so many things to use, my pussy was saturated by the time she was finished with me, and hers was as bad, we discussed her boyfriend, who turned out to be my bastard, i didn't want to disalusion her by telling her about him being my boyfriend, we fucked each other all night and fell asleep in each others arms, the next morning, or afternoon as it turned out, i left her, promising to meet up with her again very soon, she asked me if i would like to meet her boyfriend, i'd love to i said, remembering the tramp that was two timing me, never considering that i was two timing him with another woman, and she was also two timing him with me, what a vicious triangle i thought as i walked away from her flat, we agreed to meet the next Monday night when her boyfriend would be back from visiting his relatives up the country, ill let you know what happened the next time i write.