Written by pokerking795

25 Mar 2011

Well were would I start? I was in college in Letterkenny about 4 years ago and I had regular sex with numerious girls from the college, mainly from the Ballyraine campus were I stayed. In the first year there I lived on the ground floor and upstairs was 2 sexy dolls from sligo and donegal they were both fit as f**k, the sligo doll was blonde had big tits with huge nipples and a nice small curvy ass, tanned aswell the donegal girl was tall and well build with a good shaped body a big saggy tits. Any way I started shifting the sligo doll one wednesday nite after the niteclub (milan), we were on the couch in the living room and the next thing she starts giving me a blowjob, i'm sitting and she is squatting on the floor sucking away like a pro, next thing the donegal girl land in, drunk also. She starts laughing and comes in and says what are yas doing? the sligo doll kept sucking away, then the donegal doll takes out her phone and strts videoing us. To cut this part of the story short we fucked like rabbits all over the kitchen/living room while her pal filmed. The next morning we all watched the video and they suggested that we drive in my car and have sex in public places as it turned them on. So I drove in Tesco carpark, over the far end of the carpark next the IT and the sligo doll took her bra off and whipped out me cock and started sucking while the donegal girl filmed from the back seat. I was fingering her through her tracky bottoms as she lay over me, she suggested I finger her ass, so i got lube from her pussy and started rubbing her ring, the donegal doll pulled down her trackys and started playing with her self. I only lasted 5 minutes or less and she sawllowed everything. Now it was my turn, she pushed back her seat and pulled down her trackys and I knelt in the passanger footwell, her pussy has big lips on it, shaved with a landing strip, she was dripping wet, I started to lick like fuck, I already had a hard on. I licked her till she came while she was playing with the donegal dolls pussy in the back seat, I had a wild hard on now so I just stuck it in her pussy, and I rode the cunt hard, I had ta stop for a while as the parking fella came round taking me reg number as that is his job, Only for the tints her would of saw straight in. (I still have all these videos by the way) So this went on for weeks, sex in there place, my place, the car, anywere reasonable. The donegal girl wanted anal oneday so we google tips on haw to start it etc...She was worried about me getting poo on me cock so we had to "douche" her ass so we got a water bottle with a squirty top and filled it up and me and her went in the bathroom, I got the lube and rubed her rim I even started licking her rim she like it so I didn't stop, we were laughing and jokin away. Then she squatted down and stuck the nozzle up her ass and squeezed the water up, She stood in the shower and farted it out again, this turned me on like fuck,she did this several as I watched her rim explode, I started wanking and she was turned on so I grabed the lube and rubbed her up well and gently stuck it up there, she kind of winced in pain but kept saying fuck me!! The sligo doll spread her legs and the donegal doll lick her out, the anal sex was class.

But the beat was in the college toilets down by the nureses canteen, the sligo doll text me saying meet her in the ladies toilet in a couple of minutes, so I sat outside the loos and waited till the coast was clear, I ran in and into the cubical, she was waiting, her pussy was drippin and her white frilly thong was soaked, she started the usual blowjob then as I sat on the toilet she stood in from of me and bent over, pulled the thong away from her ass crack and revealed a butt plug, she shit out the plug and revealed a gaping ass hole, My heart skipped a beat!! She took the lube from her bag and rubbed her own rim, she spread her legs and I lick her pussy, fingered her and the put on the jhonny and stuck it up her ass, I fuck her hard only slowing when other women came in. I could hear the other womens fannys pissing and there knickers coming down and this turned me on more. We stayed in the toilets for a good hour and a half, sucking, licking, pissing. I have plenty more stories but cant write them all yet but I will I promise. I'm from donegal too and have many a good nite after the nite clubs driving dolls home etc...Theres plenty of horny dolls in Gweedore,Dungloe, Glenties, Killybegs, Donegal Town, Ballybofey, Letterkenny sir,

more to come I promise.