Written by amberwitch

9 Oct 2014

So my gf is now wanking the guy , both are now in the back seat, I'm in the drivers seat looking on. He is encouraging her on saying how soft her hands are and how lovely she is, she is wanking his cock with both hands it is that big. He is stroking her hair and rubbing her neck, i know she likes that and it turns her on. His hand is on her head and he his directing her head down to his cock, she dont resist and and her lips touch the tip of his penis, he moans , her tongue flicks and tastes his precum, she opens her mouth and takes his cock in her mouth. I watch as her head bobs up and down on his prick. His hand is on the top of her head forcing her down more on him. She is loving it and gags abit as she swallows his cock. my cock has got hard again and i give it a tug.

Then I notice his other hand is rammed up between her thighs rubbing her fanny. She is lapping up his cock and loving it, I decide to lend a helping hand and start to fondle her brest. wow things are getting steamy, so i ask my gf if she is alright and she say to me why dont you take a little walk. I cant believe it my gf has an other guys cock in her mouth his hand on her fanny and she is telling me to go for a walk. I open the door and get out and get some air and cool off. i walk around a bit but keep my eye on the car, I stand off a little bit and see the guys white arse bobbing in the air, the car strts to rock, i come a bit closer to the car. he is stuck to the balls in my gf, he is fucking her full on. They removed all their clothes and he is riding her on the back seat. I am rooted to the spot and decide not to interfere, she is being rode by a bigger cock, that what she wants. He seemed to be ages riding her my cock has shot its load just looking at them so I wont be any good to her tonight.

What have I let myself into........................