15 Dec 2014

I had just arrived at a dogging location in Dublin, I was sitting in my car listening to the radio but had that buzz that always accompanies me when I go, I was nervous and anxious about if I'd see anything. There was another car parked up away from me I couldn't see in and nor could it see me I guess.

As the minutes passed on and different cars came parked and looked around shining lights in on both cars (making me feel uncomfortable so could only imagine how a couple would feel) we where the only two cars in the carpark again.

I was lying straight back on the seat and was actually just about to have a snooze when I heard a noise outside the car was now right beside me, window down. I lowered my window I could see a blonde lady but she had a blindfold on the guy said she is dying for cock and because you where not being pushy she has chosen yours! He leaned over and fling open the car door.

I got out she was wearing a skimpy skin tight black dress which was pulled down to show off her perfect pert tits and was also hitched up over her completely waxed pussy. Her hands where also tied together, all she said was give me your cock now with her mouth open. I took my cock out and took her hands which where tied at the wrists and placed them around it she guided my cock to her mouth, I fucked her face and the guy was over beside me now was down on his knees licking her pussy. She kept gagging and anytime I'd take my cock out to see if she was ok she would give out to me more more I fucked her face for a good ten minutes then I was ready to cum when I said this he jumped up told me to fill her mouth, so I did filled it with a massive load she pulled away and he jumped in and she put it into his mouth he got back down on his knees and started to smear my cum on her pussy with his tongue I've near heard a woman scream so loud in my life.

I stood there in amazement he got up took her out of the car and fucked her in the ass for about two minutes my cum was all over her ass hole then she was filled with his. She told me to lift blindfold so I did she told me she would never do this again so she wanted to see who had done it to her.

I wank about it so much