Written by J&A, xxx

6 May 2011

OMG! Well wer do i start, it all star'd last thurs when we finally got de courage up 2 try doggin, I (f) was so nevous as i didn't know wat 2 expect. We drove 2 a place in nrth Dub and parked de car, turn'd off de lights n engine. We noticed a cpl of cas comin and goin, ten this blue car pulls up, young cpl lay down and got down 2 it, stil unsure, we just watch'd from our car and chat'd a bit. Then we start'd kissin and feelin each other the ecitement between us is so intense. i'm wet b4 he even drops his hand on my smooth shaven pussy. I can feel his cock gettin hardr in hardr! I take it out and take it in my mouth my warm tongue runnin up n down on de shaft of his shaven cock..de smell de tatse of him,I LOVE IT!

While i'm suckin him off a car pulls up beside us so he lays me back and starts finger fuckin me so deep and hard i can hadly contain myself. (Flash) de guy nxt 2 us flashes his lite inside his car waitin on us 2 do the same as it was our 1st time i said no i was 2 nervous, so we just continued on pleasurin each other till we bout came!!!!He filled my mouth wit his warm spunk and i gushed all over his hand!!!!

We njoy'd it so much so we arrange 2 do it again nxt Thurs (2nite)....

Wer drivin 2wards are doggin spot laughin and jokin i'm feelin alot braver, Lol.He has arranged 4 us 2 meet up wit a cpl who are regulars at this.... I'm again nervous as Fuck but again he calms me down,,, We park up beside them and my partner gets chattin wit (joe) not real name, so friendly bantter beteen bout of them my partner explains i'm really nervous and joe says u'll be fine its all fun, We notice a car park'd 2 de rite of me and a man in it alone strange i say but Joe says this guy is a regular here likes 2 watch cpls but only wants 2 touch a man. . I'm like u 4 real Joe says honest he's touched mine b4 and Joes Partner verify this. mmmmmmm Strange, Anyway we roll up de window and i start suckin my partners hard throbbin Cock, I think he's hardr knowin cpl nxt 2 us watchin and doin de same as us.... So i suckin away on his cock his handz all ovr my smooth Double D breasts, He rolls down de window so other cpl can look in, he asks me 2 look in at de other girl suckin of Joe i decline so he does't push it knowin i'm stll nervous, Well i'm at it good when suddenly my partner nudges me look up he says , No i reply, serious look up, again No i say, still his cock in my mouth when all of a sudden de window comes up! Look now he says , i look and der in between bout our cars is a guy pullin de cock off himself, and its lashin rain, i cant believe wat i'm seein, he puts puts his and in joes car and ask's can he touch his cock, joes says ok.. he touches it. . he's still wankin goodo, walks 2wards our car try's 2 look in de window but thank fuck der tinted moves his hand wantin us 2 roll down de window, no chance. he continues 2 wank his cock at other cpls car cums and leaves.... I'm laughin at this stage i cant believe wat i've just seein... Shocked! So joe and my partner roll down de window and joe said told ya he ony wants 2 watch and touch cock. Eh any1 touchin my partners cock it will be me... Lol, after a few giggles and a chat we roll de window back up and like last thurs i suck him till he explodes. this time not only in my mouth but on my face and my tits 2...... Oh cant wait 4 de nxt time.... Maybe i'll keep my light on in de car who knows... J&A,xxx