Written by terry- mancini

10 May 2012

she looked stunning, my dreamgirl.long wool skirt encases her thighhigh boots,crisp white blouse under sharp red leather jacket, gold t bar necklace.the aroma of paloma picasso perfume heavy in the air as i pecked her on the cheek. i slip her the room key room 125 i whisper. we go up the stairs hand in hand aware of many pairs of eyes following us.we kiss passionatly in the hallway, my cock feels its about to explode in anticipation of whats to follow.we open the door.she pushs me in.

No sooner than the door is closed i am on my knees i part her legs.my hands start at the tip ofthe 5 in heels & i feel my way gently up the zipped boot past her stockings.i breath deeply & slowley to control my desires. her breathing gets heavier as my fingers reach the walls of her beautiful soft wet pussy.i pull aside her tong 7 slowly insert one finger followed by two then 3. i gently move my fingers inside her Glorious.i lick my fingers .this sample is too good i must gorge the goods. i lie on the ground. like clockwork she faces away from me & squats down on my face .i grab her boots . she slowly moves her glorious cunt over my willing tongue moaning louder as i lick her perinium. soon her anus is a home for my wiling tongue. soon her whole arse collapses on my wiling face & she takes my 6 inhces into her mouth .she sucks violently. soon the need to fuck takes over.

I breathe deeply as i try to compose myself. passionate kissing licking ,tasting each

others odours. i strip her to the waist, suck her tits like a hungry baby.

she pushes me to the ground, next thing she has a stocking rolled over my head, again she sits on my face writhing her cunt & hole over my nose & mouth.then a warm sensation over my stockinged face . a mixture of piss & cum juices as she moans in ectasy.now its my turn. i expertly turn her round on all fours. i pull off the stocking rubbing the piss/cum/sweat mixture from my face. my erect cock gets stiffer as i put the stocking over her head. i glance in the mirror. im in heaven i rub my cock against her cunt,& gently move upwards .her hole is a welcome home for my pole. againi catch our reflection. im in heaven here i am fucking & i mean fucking a hottie with thigh high boots & a stocking over her head. i must see her face.i stop. pulling off the stocking

she turns to face me.we kiss passionatly tasting each others salty spitttle. i remove one boot , then the other. the smell of cum ,sweat& leather, we fall into each others arms .we lovingly fuck each other side to side our hands rubbing each other buttocks. finally she pushes me back & mounts me .leaning back she orgasms on my cock. i hold her to my as i cum too.my cock feels its on fire. we collapse on the kingsize . not a bad start to our dirty weekend!! COMMENTS APPRECIATED