Written by razzor33

12 Jun 2009

I was out in town waiting to meet a friend for a few drinks.....he was late as usual and I got chatting to this girl at the bar, she was dressed very provocatively, very short skirt, heels and cropped top, I was very surprised she was even talking to me, she was dam hot but not been shy when chatting to women chatted away.

Well we had a few drink and seemed to be getting on really well, then all of a sudden these lads start hitting on her, making suggestive comments, she told me she had had enough and told me a know a much quieter place we can go to, I told her lead the way and i would just text my friend that i would meet him later...

We got into my car and drove to her house, she told me she was very glad that I started to talk to her and that she sometimes felt that men were intimidated by her and did not always chat to her. I told her that I thought she was stunning and would have chatted her up even if she had told him she was not interested. She told me that at this moment she was very interested and started to rub her hands over the growing bulge in my trousers, I told her not to get me too excited, and that if she waited until we got to her place then she could do anything she wanted, she told me OK, but can?t you go a bit quicker, I am really turned on and I need your cock in my mouth.

Well we finally got to her place, and she practically dragged me into her bedroom and told me to get undressed , she started to remove her clothes, and I said to her to leave the heels on, they really turn me on. So there I am with this girl on her bed she is naked apart from her heels and I am naked to, could it get any better, well I was about to find out.

She told me that she really needed to suck my cock and I told her Ok, but let me return the favour, so I move around so that she can put her hot mouth around my hard cock and I can start to move my tongue in between her already wet lips, I pushed her legs apart and started to use my fingers to open her lips even wider, and then I pushed my tongue inside her hot lips, well as soon as I did that she started moaning away and this had to effects firstly her juices started to flow even more, so that I had no alternative but to lap them up with my tongue, the other effect was that he started to move her hot wet mouth over my hard cock and started to move up and down on my shaft, I was really turned on now and the move she moved up and down my cock the move I was moving to the point of no return, I told her to slow down a bit, as firstly I didn?t want to come quite yet and secondly I was enjoying licking her out. She slowed down a little and started using her tongue to circle the top of my cock and try to push her tongue into the little hole on the top of my cock, at the same time she was using her hands to massage my swollen balls, just to add in another sensation, I was starting to moan now and also started to increase my flicking and sucking movements with my mouth, I moved my tongue towards her g spot and started to flick it with my tongue, that was all she could take and started to moan even louder and her orgasm erupted all over my face, at the same time she had been moving up and down on my cock, her saliva was dripping off of my balls and it only took a few more strokes from her and I shot my load into her mouth, I cannot remember having such a powerful orgasm.

Well I needed a moments break and she told me that 69 was one of her favorite positions and that she loved the sensation of a tongue bringing her to an orgasm as she was sucking on a hard cock, she told me it gives her amazing orgasms and just thinking about it gets her wet.

She starts telling me about a few of the people she has fucked recently, and she really seemed to get off on it, telling me about it.

Well I was ready to start again and she told me that as we had already done one of her favourite positions, we should try another one, she told me that she loved doing it doggy style and I told her that I was more than up for it, there she was on all four on the bed, wearing high heels and taking my hard cock from behind, even though she had already had at least one orgasm her hole seemed nice and tight, or maybe it was just the position we were in . Well I start to push in and out of her, and she starts to tell me more of her stories, she starts telling me that she was really into girls as well as boys and that?s why she loved 69?s, she went into a lot of detail telling how she goes down on one of her friends and how she loves moving her tongue inside her friends lips getting her even hotter, she then told me that last time she saw her friend , her friend got out on these double headed dildos, and that her friend has pushed it into herself and then invited this girl to take the other half, well she was getting so turned on by the combination of her talking about this huge dildo inside her and me fucking her doggy that she starts to moan really loudly, she is not the only one, I can?t tell you how sexy it is to be fucking a girl while she is telling you about two girls with a dildo up them , I start moaning as well, this is one amazing fuck, well this girl is so hot that she does not last long and an orgasm sends a shudder through her body and this pushes me over the edge as well as I shoot my hot cum inside her. I was still hard inside her and I don?t know how she managed it but she started moved her vagina muscles inside her and that sent me into another orgasm, I could not believe it , coming twice inside her in a matter of minutes.

She asked me if I enjoyed her talking about her and another girl and I told her that it was one of the most erotic things I have ever heard. She told me she was glad and that talking about sex always got her hot. While I am recovering from a double orgasm, she tells me that she will soon have me hard again and, she starts to push her fingers inside herself and she starts to masturbate, I could not believe how hot this girl was, and I was struggling to keep up. She keeps jamming her fingers inside her self and I can see the juices on her fingers as she pulls them in and out of herself, I told her that it was having the desired effect on me, but I wanted to see her bring herself to orgasm, well that?s all she needed and starts to moan even louder as she increases the movement of her fingers in and out of herself, and every now and again she takes one finger out of her mouth and starts to suck off her juices, this was one huge turn on. After about 5 mins of her one woman masturbation show, she starts reaching her climax, she increases the speed of her fingers jamming into herself as her finger fuck brings her it one of the most intense orgasms I have seen a woman have.

That was too much for me and I literally jumped on her and thrust by hard cock inside her wet pleasure hole, she was exhausted and didn?t really join in that much, but the sensation of her hot hole and the whole episode of her bringing herself off was more than I could take, it sent me into another orgasm, and I shoved my self as far into her as I shot my load.

I was really tired now, and I turned to her and said how are you feeling, she told me that she was sore but satisfied, and I thought to myself well you can?t ask more than that.

I still was able to meet my friend for a drink later.. The perfect evening...