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8 Jan 2010

After finishing college in 2003 i decided to go travelling for a year to Australia. I was 21 at the time, young and innocent. I spent 2 weeks in Bankok on my way (stories to follow). It was during the time of the rugby world cup in Oz so i followed the team around drunkenly for a few weeks and got friendly with a group of lads. We were out one night and very drunk when this woman came over to me. She was in her late 30's to early 40's. 'I saw you looking at me' she said. This was news to me but i was too drunk to argue. She cupped my balls and said 'i'm bringing you home irish'.. next thing i knew i was handcuffed to her bed and looking up at this mad woman with saggy tits riding me with gusto... i was shocked at first but when she started deep-throathing me i decided to just go with the flow.. she molested me for the rest of the night. i asked her to untie me but she wouldnt until i promised to do something for her... the thing i had to do was first thing in the morning when i woke up i had to wank myself off over her tits, face and hair and walk straight out the door.... i promised to do this just to be untied... i fell asleep eventually only to be woken by aussie woman sucking me off again... she lid on her back and said 'you know what to do'.... so i fulfilled my promise, pulling at myself frantically til i came over her saggy tits, face and mangled hair and i dressed myself and walked out the door a much less innocent irish boy.