Written by Cutecouple1981

7 May 2013

The night started off with a new restaurant...we hadnt been yet and everyone was screaming about the place so we said hey y not...whilst there we were both feeling exceptionally horny as we had only joined this site the week or so before hand and all the messages from sexy couples and girls really had us going..after dinner we said we'd take the scenic route home seen as it was friday and what a long week it was! As we drove in the rain something clicked in my mind and my hands started to wander over to the drivers seat where there was a huge bulge waiting for me to indulge on and a big inviting smile from my boyfriend lips :)....my hands began to rub him and this then brought on what happened next...

we had always wanted to try outdoor sex but never had the courage to do so and even though it was raining that kinda added to the excitment of it all...we got nearer and nearer home and then my bf took a side road id never been down before...my heart was racing as we drove deeper and deeper into the wooded area right up until we stopped at a darkened forest opening...it was now or never as we both steped out of the car...hearts racing, biting my lip as he proceeded to bend me over the bonnet of the car pulling down my jeans and exposing my ass into the air...he then ploughed right into me with force that i couldnt hold back my groans of pleasure...it felt amazing and i couldnt get enough of him right here right now...the thoughts of anyone catching us, seeing us, watching us really had us both so turned on...he then grabbed my hair and turned me around as he came all over my soaken wet breasts and lips...mmmmmmm will definitly be taking the scenic route home next time :)