Written by maksteamy

8 Mar 2012

This is a true story and one that is repeated in our house quiet often.

About 6 months, on a particularly windy evening, my wife came home early and suprised me!!

There I was reading a similar story to this with, yes, cock in hand, when matters were coming to a head!. talk about awkard. Anyway she asks me if i'm enjoying myself, to which I reply not as much as when you do it.

With that she comes over and reads the story with me.

'2 young lovers are petting in thier car, when the girl starts to suck the lad off. During her performance, which can only be described as 'awsome', another car pulls into the same beauty spot. The guy ducks a bit, but the girl keeps on sucking.

The second car s interior light on and the younbg lad can see everything!! His girlfriend notices the hardening of his ardour and starts to run her teeth up and down his shaft, hoping he'll cum soon.

The young lad notices something oddly familiar about the car and the man in it, then realises its his girlfriends dad!!!

With that he erupts into her mouth, and as one starts the car and drives out.

His girlfriend has no time to change her possition or even spit his cum out, she doesn't like the taste. eventually when the car has stopped bouncing and rocking she gets up and he pullsover to make sure she is ok.

SHE KISSES HIM, with her mouth full of his cum, and he swallows, not knowing what else to do.

After they break apart and he is all upset and disgusted, but his cock is hard as rock again!!'

I should point out that my wife is a much faster reader than I, and has already devoured most of my dripping cock.

'So the young lovers are humping mad at another secluded spot, and they can still see the lights from the other car in the distance, which by the way has now been joined by 3 other cars.

As the girl reaches her second orgasm, she asks her buck if if he enjoyed his own cum, No way man, that was gross, he tells her.

But you were so hard after, you must have liked it!!

He can feel his own orgasm approaching fast, and so through sheer fear of going home with this load still in his balls, he replies, Ok it wasn't so bad, adding, I don't know why you make such a fuss!!

Not so bad? she teases him, feeling his impending climax, no he replies, might even do it again sometime!!

Would you, she asks him again, pulling away from him.

Of course I would babe, anything for you. Anything for pussy she thinks to herself. Honestly, would you eat your cum? she demands, his cock pulsating and dripping pre-cum everywhere. Of course I will,I swear. Full of bravado he gets his girlfriend on all fours and pounds her from behind, bring both thier orgasms closer.

As one they spasm and convulse and he shoots his sperm deep into her sopping wet pussy, the feel of his sperm hitting her cervex pushes her over the edge and with a cry from what appears to be he womb she collapses under him, har body writhing in ecstasy.

he slips an arm under her and holds her for a while as they both calm. She seizes the moment and, knowing he is now weakened, forces his head down to her puffed lips and says, ok so do it now, clean me!!

the boy tries to fight his way up but she has hold of him good and tight, you said you would sometime, well now is the time,

No way he screams terrified of his masculinity being diminished. If you don't I'll never blow you again'

Defeated the lad burries his face in her pussy and begins, very tentatively at first, to lick her clit. After a few minutes of this and as he lets his guard down she pushes him down further to her soaked labia, his cum is seeping out and drippling down to her anus, without hesitation he licks all the way down and then plunges his tongue deep into he sodden pussy, savouring both his and her flavours. With the first tip of his tongue penetrating her, the girl comes hard and fast, pushing his sperm into his mouth. He doesn't hesitate just swallows it as it comes back to him.'

At this point I've shotmy load into my wifes hungy mouth and I'm relieved to see her swallow, she comes to kiss me,I have no problem as long as hermouth is empty, and I respond, slipping my tongue into her mouth and tasting my cum!!! She pushes it into me and just like the fella in the story I get hard and we fuck like mad, and yes I now clean my cum from wherever my wife wants me to.