Written by Titan79

11 Mar 2011

Regular Friday afternoon, the masses are wandering about, some coming from work, some frantically trying to get the last shop in. Chilling in the car listening to a over opinionated sports personality growl and grumble about the countrys sorry state, enough of this I think.

Being bold I text an individual, playfully inquiring if she'll be at a upcoming function, giving me reason to attend as I don't seem to know many going to it (the scenes always in flux, and the old guard being constantly replaced by the new, but hey fresh faces are always werlcome, but the reasurance of a friendly one or tow makes the experience that bit more enjoyable in my opinion!)

A quick reply, can almost hear her sexy giggles in the tone of the reply, withouth a thought I give her a buzz, we exchange gentle flirtations, though we know well the effect we have on each other, the sexy drawl, the mock coyness, 'how soon can you get here?' she laughs, trying not to sound overly keen, but her voices gives her away, 'Feck it, pointing the car your direction as I speak.' I laugh with equal pent up excitement.

An hours drive feels like 5, the anticipation, the flashbacks to previous encounters, adding to the turmoil of the hormones rushing through my system, a beep from the phone, quickly glancing, trying to keep between the ditches, 'Feck sake, you walking here or what ?...lol' cheeky bith I think, 'Hmm hope that bum of yours is feeling reilient, Itype back, punching the throttle to the floor.

Making my way calmy to her door, I see the tell tale twitch of a curtain, a tap on the door...strange place to put a tap?...;-) She opens it, smiling at me, just an over sized T shirt on her, nipples trying to make an escape through the thin material, scooping her into my arms, tongues without guidance reaqiainting themselves, I love that shes petite in comparison to me, smooth toned thighs wrapping around my waist as I make my way to the nearest available object to give us something to solid, Realising how naked she is beneath that shirt as my hands cares her bare ass....................

What kinda guy do ya think I am, you'll just have to guess what happened after that ...won't ya !!!