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Anna 3 years ago


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Married 4yrs very much in love and very possessive and jealous. My husband and I bought a house in kildare. We had a slightly older couple for neighbors we were in are late 20s and were in there late 40s with kids. She was beautiful stunning he was starting to let himself go. We kept are distance as you do. I knew she was very glamorous but I didn't see her as competition until I seen my husband's phone, he had text his friend Philip to say he had seen his hot neighbor again this morning and if he had her for 5mins with her he'd blow his load 10 times over. At that precise moment I just snapped I couldn't understand how he could betray me by speaking about another woman like this. For weeks I ran the text over and over in my head. Was he fucking me and fantasizing about her what if she came onto him he would obviously just go for it. I was enraged and couldn't get passed it. We had my husband sisters birthday party to go too this particular Saturday nite. I told him I couldn't go as I was sick. He was well pissed off. That I nite I drank a bottle of wine and opened my second as I moved my party outside and onto the porch it was 2am in morning when alan came walking up from the pub (alan being my glamorous neighbors husband) I'm wearing a white shirt (my husband's) no bra and just knickers. He didn't need to be asked twice to come in for a nightcap. I put on some music and dragged him off his seat to dance. No more than 2 minutes later I was naked on my knees sucking his cock I was angry I wanted him to fuck me hard take full advantage of me. I was sucking his cock for 10mins or so and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and of course he did but he wanted me to produce a condom. He was afraid of getting me pregnant even though I told him I was on the pill. So do you just want a blowjob "do take it up the ass" and no I never have but I wanted him to fuck me "yea of course" he brought me into the sitting room and fucked me every way possible he had clearly done this before. I just wanted him to cum and go but after having 10pints he couldn't. Finally he got me to bend over with me legs tight together and he took his cock put it in and fucked me fast and hard. I was screaming with the pain and then finally he came in my ass. I went into the bathroom to check everything was ok and I came out alan had another hard on. He was rock solid again. He wanted more sex I just wanted him gone but of course he wouldn't take no for an answer so a blowjob for at least an hour and to finish was his warm cum down my throat. His cock was huge not sure how I let him put it in my bum. As couple of weeks passed I resented what I had done as my husband hadn't actually done anything other than send a text. But of course alan wasn't happy unless he was making innuendos to my husband in front of me and it wasn't long before the shit was going to hit the fan so asked alan one morning to stop or I would tell his wife but to my total shock he said he had already told her. "Your only a dirty little slut who tried to break up are family" then his wife came out of nowhere "we are going to tell your husband what you did" and of course they did and now I still live next door to them but my husband moved out.

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