Written by Shaun

23 May 2017

My girlfriends family were away for a couple of weeks on holiday. We couldn't make it as Rose had just started a new job. I took a couple of weeks off work to be there for her and for a break. One night we decided to stay in for a few drinks and a takeaway later in the night. We were watching tv and decided to order a takeaway for delivery.

We were told it would take about 45 minutes. We didn't mind and we're both feeling the effects of the alcohol. I was in shorts with no top so Rose said she would go to the door. I jokingly dated here to leave her dressing gown open if it was a man. She started laughing and said she would see what they were like. She went to the bathroom and came back awhile later. Then the knock came to the door. She got up to answer it and gave me a sly glimpse as she went to the door. She had removed her underwear in the bathroom!

She opened the door and took the food and gave him the money. I heard her put the food down and the sound of some loose change falling on the ground, she said she bent over to pick it up when her dressing gown 'accidentally' opened. I heard the man apologise and then they were giggling and the door closed.

She came in as normal with a little grin on her face, she told me he was a tall black man with a massive bulge in his trousers after seeing her in all her glory. We ate our food and retired to the bedroom. I hadn't much to strip off her when we were in bed and I was teasing her at the idea of the delivery driver fucking her in our bed. She had the most incredible orgasm at the idea. She told me then that she had slipped him her number at the door after groping at the bulge in his trousers. We fucked another few times that night while she kept checking her phone to hear from her bull...... TBC